4 Smart Tips to Prepare for SAT Subject Tests


Your first step is to select a target exam date. While the actual test date is important, the real work happens in the months leading up to the test. Clear any scheduling conflicts that will hinder preparation. Pick a target exam date—and stick to it.


Studying for the SAT Subject can give you a head start at school. Depending on where you are in your curriculum, your schoolwork can reinforce your SAT Subject prep. When looking over the menu of SAT Subject tests (there are 20), choose subjects that you enjoy, do well in, or both. For a broader subject like SAT Subject Bio, you can lean towards a concentration. After the first 60 questions, you’ll have a choice of doing 20 additional questions in the E section (ecology/evolution), or the M section (molecular). Go in planning for whatever you are more comfortable with.


If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. This is an optional test, so you must score high. The SAT Subject covers a wide range of material, best mastered in smaller sizes through a study plan. If you have inconsistent study habits, you won’t perform well. Preparing with MEK guarantees a consistent study plan. While you’re juggling sports, school, and other extra-curricular activities, we’ll help you stabilize your SAT preparations.


Nothing can prepare you for test day like full-length simulations in real-life test conditions. The SAT Subject not only tests your knowledge and reasoning, it tests your mental endurance and ability to perform under pressure in unfamiliar conditions. Taken properly, full-length practice tests cultivate habits that acclimate you to work under pressure. Don’t make the mistake of lulling your mind and body into passivity. If you only practice a few questions at a time on your couch with the TV on, you’ll form poor habits that will cripple your score.

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