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Escaping the 1200s: SAT Reading & Writing

Each score range of the SAT reflects a student’s habits, knowledge, and strategies. If you are currently scoring less than a 650 on the Reading & Writing section of the SAT or less than a 1300 for your overall SAT score, the following probably describes you:

Student Character:

You are unfamiliar with the specific skills and knowledge that the SAT is testing.

  • The skills and knowledge required to ace the SAT can be very different from school curriculum. Students in this category often have little to no prior familiarity with SAT content. They also lack any set of strategies to tackle the SAT test.

You have undeveloped study habits.

  • Students in this category often don’t know how to study for the SAT and/or they lack consistent study habits

How to Escape:

Become familiar with the test: the specific format, the question types, and passage types. You will need to spend time with the test until you understand what topics the SAT is testing.

Writing Section: For the SAT Writing you will need to build your grammar knowledge. The best way to see a quick and significant score jump is to improve grammar mechanics such as punctuation, pronouns, and verbs.

Reading Section: Work on reading comprehension skills. Specifically, you will need to become adept at answering questions that ask you to read closely or find textual evidence. You will need to practice annotating passages to increase your time management and comprehension of passage. You will need to read many practice SAT passages to become familiar with the type of passages and the type of questions.

Learn more effective study habits: Completing practice tests and skill exercises are not enough to see significant score improvement. You have to learn the concepts behind each type of question – not just the answer to the question itself. You have to understand why you picked the wrong answer – not just learn the right answer. In order to understand these concepts, you will have to study your notes, tests, and exercises and develop and practice strategies for the types of questions.

The 7 Session Challenge:

If you are in the 1200-1300 range, MEK recommends 7 sessions to improve your score. MEK provides practice tests, skill exercises, and mini-tests. You will receive instructions from an expert SAT teacher on how to recognize the type of questions. Then, you will be given specific strategies that will yield the correct answer in the most effective way. You will also learn how to increase your mental endurance, have the right mindset toward the exam, and the most effective way to study your materials.

MEK recommends 7 sessions to help you escape the 1200s!

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