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Continental Mathematics League (CML) is an organization that hosts math competitions for all grade levels at locations all around the country. This year MEK has joined the League and will be one of the hosts for their 4th-9th grade math competition. We want to offer students an opportunity to learn, compete, and have fun with math!

This contest is open and free to all 4th-9th graders who wish to compete. Students have two options. They may sign up to compete in their grade level, or they can choose to compete in a higher grade level. Students can also choose to either sign up for the Euclidean or Pythagorean Division. There is only one difference between the two divisions: the Pythagorean Division is more challenging and requires above grade level reading comprehension and analytical skills. Students may only compete in one division.

The competition is a 30 minute individual mathematical test. Upon completion, a student’s test is graded by MEK Review using the answer key provided by CML. First place from each grade and division will receive a medal, and 2nd through 3rd place will receive award certificates. The 6 top scores are then submitted to CML’s official website as MEK’s team score, so students can compete against other nationwide students for team and individual awards.

MEK’s team ranking will be published on CML’s official website after the contest. National and Regional awards will also be distributed by CML to individuals or teams according to score rankings.

CML has three meets for the 2019 competition year: 1/3, 1/31, 3/7. These meets will take place at our Palisades Park Campus. Students may sign up for one, two, or all three contests! It is up to them! However, as students will most likely improve with each competition, MEK strongly recommends that interested students sign up for all three meets.

Registration is currently open for all three meets. Again, students can sign up for one or multiple contest dates.

Click here to see a list of past winners!

2019 Competition

To register, please complete the entry form at the bottom of this page.

What’s Next:

If you wish to know more about Continental Mathematics League, click here to view their website.

If you want to enhance your problem-solving skills and your efficiency in math, MEK offers two options that can help you be competition ready.

MEK Math Labs: Euclidean Division

For students who wish to improve and hone their math and test-taking skills, MEK’s Math Lab program is the right choice. Math Lab is designed to give students both one-on-one attention and independent, timed practice. This combination of personal, customized instruction and focused skill exercises is perfect for preparing students for math competition! Click here to read more!

MEK Math Team: Pythagorean Division

For students who are advanced and highly interested in math, MEK’s elite math team is a perfect fit! Mr. Ahn’s Perfect Circle (MAPC) is the name of our competition math team for 4th – 8th graders. MAPC is led my MEK’s founder, Gunn Ahn, an math educator for over 30 years. Our math team is designed to help young math lovers more deeply understand mathematical concepts, learn faster ways to problem-solve, and builds skills for math competition. Click hereto read how you can join!

For more information call 855-346-1410 to speak with our math competition coordinator, Dina Jeong.

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Continental Mathematics League

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