Math Kangaroo Competition

Math Kangaroo in USA is an organization that hosts an international Olympiad math competition for grades 1-12 every year. This year, MEK is one of the official Math Kangaroo centers throughout the U.S. that will host the competition!

The competition is always on the third Thursday of March and MEK will host 4th-12th graders. Though the contest is international, students will only compete against U.S. students.

Who can compete?: 4th-12 graders

How to register

1st: Click here to go to Math Kangaroo’s registration page.

2nd: Click Participation Center to register at MEK location.

3rd: In the search bar, type in MEK Review.  Our location will show up. Click $21.00. This is the registration fee.

4th: This will take you to the General Information page. After reading, select LOGIN or CREATE ACCOUNT. If this is your first time, you will need to create an account.

5th: After you’ve created an account and agree to their terms and conditions, you can register. They will ask for your child’s name, age, language, and t-shirt size. (All participants receive a free t-shirt.)

6th: Once you’ve filled out your child’s necessary information, you can proceed to checkout where you will pay the $21.00 registration fee.

7th: Upon completion, Math Kangaroo will update MEK Review through email, and your child will be part of our official competition day roster!

**Deadline is December 15th for early registration! After 12/15, registration fees increase!**

Test Day

Participants must show up early as test will begin promptly at 6:00pm. The test is 75 minutes long, grade appropriate, multiple choice, and 30 questions. Each child will receive a t-shirt, certificate of participation, test booklet, pencil, scratch paper, and answer form. No calculators will be allowed.


Each question is worth a certain number of points. No points are subtracted for wrong answers. 1/3 of the test will be worth 3 points. 1/3 of the test will be worth 4 points. 1/3 of the test will be worth 5 points. The maximum amount of points is 120. Tests are not scored at MEK Review. Friday morning, all answer forms are mailed to Math Kangaroo to be scored.

After the Test

In the last two weeks of May, the results of the competition will be sent to families. National and state winners will be notified and awards will be given out. Top 3 national scorers for each grade level will receive medals. Top 3 state scorers for each grade level will receive ribbons. Even if a student does not place, parents will receive students’ results along with their percentile ranking, so parents can see how their children ranked in the competition nationally and statewide.

Preparing for the Test

MEK offers two choices to help your child prepare for the Math Kangaroo competition:

Math Lab: Our one-on-one Math Lab sessions are designed to help students learn efficient problem solving skills and become top performers in the classroom.

MAPC: For young math lovers who want to train to be competition ready, Mr. Ahn’s Perfect Circle (MAPC) is MEK’s elite competition math team. The team is open to elementary and middle school students.

For more information, call 855-346-1410 and ask to speak with our Math Competition Coordinator Dina Jeong or email!

Mar 21

Math Kangaroo Competition

6:00pm – 7:15pm

MEK Review’s Palisades Park Campus

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