SAT vs ACT Event: Free Tests, Score Report and Teacher Advice

Which test should you take: the SAT or the ACT?

Since colleges accept both, the best test for you is the one in which you will score the highest. However, how do you know which test to focus on? How do you know which test is the right fit for you?

With MEK Review's help!

Take advantage of our special, free June Test Event: SAT vs ACT!

Event Details

  • Location: Palisades Park or Closter
  • Dates: Saturday, June 1, 8, 15, 22
  • Time: 9:00am or 1:00pm
  • Who: 9-11th graders
  • How: Click here to sign up!

Perfect For You If...

  • ... You've taken either the SAT or ACT before. Here's your chance to try the other test!
  • ... You haven't taken either yet, but want to discover which one's right for you!
  • ... You want the chance to get free, in-person advice and feedback from expert counselors and teachers.

What We Recommend

Sign up for the SAT or ACT on your Saturday of choice! (And if you need to take both tests, sign up for the other test on another available Saturday.)

On Saturdays, June 15 and 22, MEK Review's academic counselors and expert teachers will also be around to discuss the results of the two tests with you, and give expert advice on which test you should focus on.

Over $200 value — all for free!

Why This Works

It’s not just a matter of comparing your SAT vs ACT scores, and picking the one in which you score the highest! To choose the right test, it's about evaluating your scores along other key factors such as GPA, your honors courses, plus performance on test questions, topics, and passage types.

That's exactly what we look forward to discussing with you soon!

To sign up, click here or call us at 855-346-1410!

Jun 22

SAT vs ACT Event: Free Tests, Score Report and Teacher Advice

9:00am or 1:00pm

Closter or Palisades Park Campus

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