Michelle’s Writing Lab Success Story: 1 to 5

Michelle (3rd grade) came from Beijing to be tutored in writing. When she first started Writing Lab, Michelle barely wrote one paragraph. I taught her how to write each part of an essay, modeling a lot and guiding her. Together, we wrote a complete 3-paragraph essay that included the introduction, body, and conclusion paragraph.

Then I had her try writing a 3-paragraph essay on her own. I equipped Michelle to write with the aid of graphic organizers, independently letting her try to sort her thoughts and focus. Michelle was able to create a complete 3-paragraph essay! Eventually I expanded her writing to 4 paragraphs and again until we reached the requisite 5-paragraph essay.

It was amazing to see Michelle grow as a writer in just 10 sessions. By the end of her term, she was able to write a full 5-paragraph essay, use transitions, express her ideas clearly, and keep her main ideas focused.

  • term:  10 weeks
  • before:  barely able to write one paragraph
  • after:  full 5-paragraph essay, clear ideas and focus

We are using this method for Writing Lab students that struggle or are not yet able to write a full 5-paragraph essay. I look forward to seeing more success in all our students!

Ms. Sarah Kim, Director of Lab


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