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SAT Subject Tests: Should I Take Them?

Should You Take SAT Subject Tests?

YES.  Here’s why:


Not many schools make SAT Subject tests mandatory, but it’s very common for them to “recommend” it. When it comes to college applications, “recommendation” should be read as “requirement.” This is the school’s way of hinting how they would like you to go the extra mile. Let’s say an admissions committee is deciding between two applicants, both similar in GPA and experience. One has great SAT Subject scores, the other didn’t even take them. Who are they going to accept? The SAT Subject is a difference-maker.


SAT Subject give you the opportunity to show strength in areas that the SAT or ACT doesn’t. The SAT Sibject is a portfolio piece that allows you to show off your particular interests and abilities. For students that know what they want to major in and declare it on their applications, taking the SAT Subject reflects dedication, vision, and purpose. For those still undecided, there are 20 subject tests you can choose from. Pick two or three in areas that interest you and make your application stand out.


If you are excelling in an Honors or AP class, taking the SAT Subject in that subject is a no-brainer. Your school curriculum has already given you a head start by covering topics and providing general familiarity with the subject matter. The SAT Subject is a chance to squeeze even more mileage out of your class to enhance your application. You’ve worked hard for that A. It’s time to make that A work for you.


Your school classes are not designed to prepare you for SAT Subject. They may cover topic knowledge, but fall way short in preparing you for contextual situations or true lab application of the material. For example, a student may be familiar with a biological concept, but the SAT Subject Bio will present a factual situation with interpretive questions that require application of that concept.

MEK Review’s courses are specifically designed to help you attain a high score on the SAT Subject. In-depth coverage of every nuance of the test, experienced and engaging instructors, and full-length practice tests will help you create a portfolio that admissions committees simply won’t be able to ignore.

See What SAT Students are Saying.

Huge jump in my score. Really filled in all the gaps and really improved my essay skills and scores. Also helped identify types of questions and with getting through long passages.
-Danielle, 12th grade

Relaxed, caring, fun teacher! Demanding work but I learned many different approaches that I have never seen. I learned new strategies and the tests ingrained the words in my head.

-Frankie, 11th grade

The most valuable part of MEK was the amount of practice. The dedication shown by the staff was also a major plus! (510 improvement on SAT in 15 sessions)
-Steffi, 11th grade

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