MEK Review’s Event Sharing Guide: April 27

As the April 27 event approaches, we need your help in getting the word out and creating excitement!

This post is a guide, illustrating some ways you can help to share, along with social graphics that you can use. In the coming days, we will add new social graphics and updates when live.

What to Share:

Ways to Share:

Post on your social: Share the event page link, paired with the social graphics below on your Facebook and Instagram channels. Don’t forget to use relevant hashtags, if on Instagram (examples below). If you’re participating as a speaker or attendee, this is a great way to share the news with those you know!

Engage with MEK Review’s social posts: Engagement encourages more engagement. Stay tuned to new social posts on MEK’s channels. If you catch a new event post, your likes, shares and comments will go a long way! Don’t forget to tag people who might be interested in the event.

Forward or share emails with interested friends or family members: As April 27 nears, we’ll be sending out more emails promoting the event. Feel free to forward or share any of those emails.

Mention and gently give reminders in person: Lastly, your personal voice is meaningful. Speak to the students, parents and friends you know. If they haven’t registered yet, remind them of the opportunity! They will greatly benefit from the knowledge, tips and inspirational spirit at the April 27 event. It will be a Saturday well-spent!

(P.S. Plus, special offers and a lottery sweepstakes only for day-of event attendees. That’s pretty awesome.)

Social Graphics

To use these graphics, right-click and save to your computer.

Social Tagging / Hashtags


On Facebook, mention MEK Review in the post when you can. You can either officially mention us by typing in @MEKReview and then selecting our page when it appears, or just write our name normally. Our FB page is MEK Review.


On your posts, don’t forget to tag MEK Review. Our Instagram handle is @mek_review. Here are a few of the hashtags we are planning on using in coordination with the event, to increase discoverability and to create a common link between event posts:


  • Event/Location: #april27 #tenafly #bergencounty #newjersey #nj #mekreview
  • Admissions: #admissions #testprep
  • High School: #highschooladmissions #highschool
  • College: #collegeadmissions #collegeprep #college #collegebound
  • Success: #successtips #keystosuccess #setgoals #studentsuccess #success
  • Inspiration: #motivation #inspiration #motivation💪 #motivation💯 #workhard #persistence #goals #dontquit #determination  #dontquit #striveformore #workhard
  • Other: #advice #alumni


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