Math Kangaroo Competition at MEK Review

Math Kangaroo’s Competition at MEK Review was a success! Thank you to all the parents and students who participated.

We hosted 28 students from all different grade level as they participated in Math Kangaroo’s International Math Olympiad, along with 32,000 other U.S students at testing centers across the nation.

Here are those students hard at work for 75 minutes!


And here are the math whizzes with their certificate of participation!

Participants also received a t-shirt, pencil, ruler, and took home their test booklets.

Their answer bubble sheets were mailed this morning to Math Kangaroo headquarters to be graded and ranked.

The correct answers for the test will be posted on Math Kangaroo’s website in the coming days. All participants will be emailed their individual results by Math Kangaroo; however, families of winners will be contacted by the beginning of May.

We hope everyone had as much fun as we did. It is so exciting to see young people who are passionate about mathematics and willing to challenge themselves in a friendly and rewarding competition!

If you would like to train for more math competitions, check out our MAPC (Mr. Ahn’s Perfect Circle) program – MEK’s elite competition math team! You can also build up your math skills through our Math Learning Circles program.


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