3 Reasons Why MEK’s AP Class Tutoring Works

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3 Reasons Why MEK’s AP Class Tutoring Works

3 Reasons Why MEK’s Tutoring Works

Advanced Placement courses are challenging college level classes offered to high school students. While much emphasis is placed on the importance of the exams held at the end of each course in May or June, the classes themselves are equally as important as the big test.

Taking AP classes is a major responsibility. But what can an AP course really do for you?

  • You can receive college credit – AP courses focus on both content and test-taking strategies in order to best prepare you for the exam in May or June. Students who earn a 4 or 5 on the exam are eligible to receive college credit. Some schools even give credit to students who score a 3. Receiving college credit before you start college means you’ll save time and money earning your degree!
  • AP courses greatly impact your GPA – AP courses are weighted more heavily than any other courses offered. Getting a good grade in your AP class positively impacts your GPA and your class rank. In fact, it’s possible to have a GPA above a 4.0!
  • AP courses look good on your college applications – College admissions officers are always impressed by students that have excelled in AP courses throughout high school. Earning an A in your AP classes shows admissions officers that you have the college level skills and work ethic to succeed at their school.

However, rising to the challenge of the AP workload and course expectations is difficult. And a failing grade in an AP class can cause your GPA and class rank to plummet.

Currently struggling in your AP class? Don’t wait to get help! MEK offers individualized School Support Tutoring for all AP classes.

Here are the top ways that School Support Tutoring can help you get an A in your tough AP course!

1. School Support Tutoring is not test prep.

While exam prep programs focus on test-taking strategies, School Support Tutoring is about the actual class you’re currently taking. We take time to review your course syllabus, your class assignments and homework, and your teacher’s methods for instruction. 

We help you build the skills you need to ace your assignments based on what you are doing in your class. And we give you the extra support you need outside of the classroom to help you better understand how your teacher teaches.

2. We focus on your individual needs.

School Support Tutoring is not just rote practice or a one-size-fits-all approach to learning. Listening to your specific needs is our top priority. By discussing what you are struggling with, we can pinpoint your areas of academic weakness, and provide the support that you need to make that weakness a strength.

3. We help you create a customized plan. 

At MEK, we know that all teachers have different ways of teaching. But, together, we can solve the challenges that you face. Our instructors combine their expert knowledge of AP content with your specific needs to create a customized plan for acing your class and give you the necessary tools to gain confidence in your course.

Getting Started

At this point in the school year, you know what challenges to expect from your AP courses. Now is the time to get help, before it’s too late!

Learn more about MEK’s AP course programs. Our expert instructors are excited to work with you to create a plan for classroom success.  Contact us here for a consultation!

We can’t wait to hear from you!

Robyn Neilsen

Robyn Neilsen is a Content Writer for MEK Review. She was a dedicated English teacher in the New Jersey public school system for 13 years and is passionate about sharing resources, content, and tips for students and parents.


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