BCA Prep: What to Expect

Over the past 20 years, we’ve gained a reputation for helping thousands of students gain admission to BCA by preparing them for the entrance exam and guiding parents through the application process. If you enroll in our BCA Prep program, here’s what you can expect:

Course Schedule for BCA Prep:

  • 18 sessions Math & English
  • Divided by two sessions – Session 1 & 2
  • Both sessions cover test training for Bergen County Academies, Bergen County Technical High School, and Academies @ Englewood


Session 1:

  • Intense problem-solving training
  • Learning  Literary Analysis
  • English Lecture (90 min)
  • Math Practice Exam (60 Min)
  • Math Lecture (120 min)


Session 2:

  • 9 full-length simulation exams
  • English & Math Practice Exam (60 min + 45 min)
  • English Lecture (90 min)
  • Math Lecture (120 min)
  • Math Drills (120 min)
  • Independent Study Halls

Application Process:

BCA Prep eligibility, application deadline, application components, the exam, the interview, admission decision, and available seats

Application Timeline:

MEK’s Winning Strategy:

MEK provides personalized guidance to students to help them master the BCA test material, develop test-taking strategies, and address weaknesses


MEK’s initial assessment is very important. In order to help students achieve their goals, we need to know each of them as individuals – their strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, we evaluate a student by reviewing his or her school report card and having the student take a CCSS assessment and BCA simulation test.

So, even if all our students have As on their report cards, the CCSS and practice BCA admission test help us determine students different starting points. Remember, the skills they will need for the admission test are not skills they are usually taught in the school classroom.

Mastering Test Content:

English:  Students will have 45 minutes to read a non-fiction or fiction passage and write a literary analysis essay for the corresponding prompt.

Math: Students will have 60 minutes to answer 40 multiple choice questions with 5 answer choices.

In order for students to do well on the admission tests, they have to be very familiar with test content come test day. That’s why during BCA prep, students will have:

Test Training:

Students will go through extensive test-training in order to eliminate possible weak points in their test-taking skills, study habits, mindset, comprehension, or strategy. Here are a few possible student weak points:

  • Weak pre-algebra skills
  • Poor calculation strategy
  • Poor time management
  • No background in literary analysis (i.e. high reading level, but has not learned how to write literary analysis)


In addition to the amount of guided practice we give students, here is how we help students with these weak points:

  • Math Clinic – improves students’ calculation habits
  • Re-solve practice tests – students reflect on their wrong answers on practice tests and rework those problems
  • Boot Camp atmosphere – builds students’ mental endurance and teaches students a strong mindset for test-taking
  • Literary Analysis Lectures – students don’t just practice writing essays, they are taught how to write a strong essay

Support Individual Weaknesses:

While students are in group classes, each student still receives individual attention from instructors, coordinators, and counselors. Along with mastering test content and intensive test training, students’ progress is constantly monitored, so students’ individual weaknesses can be addressed. Instructors meet with their coordinators to discuss individual students every week, and Exam Prep coordinators then meet with our head counselors to discuss those students. If a student is struggling with calculation strategy, they are placed in math clinic. If they are struggling with the essay, we recommend literacy lab, so they can receive one-on-one help.

Personalized Guidance for Applications:

We don’t just teach the admission test. We are here to be a constant resource for you through every step of the application process. Here are just a few of the ways in which we guide your child through the admissions process:

  • Constant Assessment – Individual Study Plan
  • Parent Meetings and Workshops
  • Application Essay workshop
  • Application consultation
  • Interview Workshop


Our Goal is not just to help your children get into BCA but also to help them find the right high school. Therefore, we offer Dual Prep for students who wish to apply to multiple schools and meet with parents throughout Session I and Session II to discuss student’s target school.

We are a Team!

MEK and parents are a team.

  • We give GUIDANCE for the application.
  • We discuss school choices in PARENT MEETINGS.
  • We believe in constant OPEN COMMUNICATION about student’s progress.


After 20 successful years of BCA Prep, we know the only way for our students to succeed is for MEK and parents to be a solid team. We want to always be available to answer your questions and concerns and to guide your child in the right direction. We will extensively prepare and train students for the test and beyond, and in return, we ask that parents encourage their children to be present, rested, and ready to give a 100% effort.

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