Big Upgrades Coming to MEK Review!

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Big Upgrades Coming to MEK Review!

Big Upgrades Coming this Summer 2021!

Palisades Park & Closter, NJ: This July 6th MEK Review’s Summer 2021 courses begin! And with it, MEK Review is implementing big upgrades to our systems with the aid of Canvas Learning Management System.

MEK Review’s curriculum and teaching method have always centered around 4 pillars: 

  • Data-Driven
  • Results- and Goal-Oriented
  • Accountability
  • Communication & Transparency

Now, we’re introducing new changes along with the Canvas LMS software to continue to evolve and improve these four core pillars.

Read below for the details!

1. Even More Data-Driven Results

Whether it’s boosting scores for test preparation or helping students master Common Core State Standards, MEK has always driven our classroom through concrete data. We analyze detailed score reports, progress assessments, and internal reviews to make sure each individual student has shown real progress in core academic areas and test scores.

Now with the implementation of Canvas, we’re taking this a step further! 

Through a visual and intuitive view, MEK teachers and counselors will be able to assess how each individual student and how each class are progressing in their mastery of key standards. This expertly-designed system allows MEK to gain key insights in what areas a class or an individual student is thriving and in what areas he or she is struggling.

This insight lets MEK teachers conduct even more relevant and dynamic group classes  based on students’ real time needs.

2. Boosting Results- and Goal-Oriented Structure

MEK Review is also coupling Canvas’s assessment tools with our own enhanced breakdown of goals for each class and/or tutor. Students, parents, and teachers will all be on the same page about the exact results a student is working towards (such as a certain test score or mastery of a CCSS objective). 

Clear-set goals will be present to help students understand and reach each necessary milestone to achieve the final result. 

3. Increasing Accountability

Canvas’ learning management system also allows students and parents to view their data and milestones as they progress throughout the program.

MEK families have always been able to view detailed score reports, grades, and teacher-written progress assessment. But with MEK’s new advancements, students will really be able to “own their data.” They can understand in real time how they are progressing and what they need to improve on.

This allows students to take more accountability in their end result. MEK provides the steps to success through the latest and best tools and resources. But MEK students must complete those stepping stones to success by taking action.

Our new software will allow students to take those steps with even more confidence.

4. Increasing Communication & Transparency

Finally, our new changes will increase communication and transparency between MEK families and MEK teachers and counselors. Parents and students will be able to easily view their progress and data. Plus, the enhanced breakdown of goals and results will allow parents and students to fully grasp the goals of the course and their student’s current standing.

In the coming weeks, we will provide a detailed map of the outcomes for each MEK course.

But here’s a sneak peak!

SAT 1500 Outcomes



What this means for you

Thanks to our new upgrades and advancements it’s easier than ever for your child to make huge leaps in their test scores and excel in the classroom!

If your child commits to MEK’s proven program, we guarantee success! And we guarantee not just a success on a test or a classroom grade, but lasting success. Our courses and structure will give students the foundation and mindset they need to enjoy a lifetime of academic achievement and enjoyment!

To register for Summer Courses starting July 6th, call 855-346-1410 or contact us here today.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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