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All academic and admissions success starts with a good strategy. Discuss your strategy with Head Academic Counselor, Ann Ahn, and head off on your journey in the right direction.



The consultation is the first step and the best opportunity to discuss your future plans with an experienced counselor. During the consultation, you will…


  • Plan your standardized test prep strategy and timeline
  • Get an idea of what it means to reach your dream school
  • Receive a comprehensive review and action plan for admissions to top high schools and colleges/universities
  • Be given the MEK solutions to reach your goals, as well as the associated estimate of services


The consultation will be $250 per one-hour meeting. Sign up for an open spot below!


Below are the types of consultations you can sign up for today!



Meet with our Head Academic Counselor to create an individualized plan for your test taking goals. We offer a wealth of test prep resources for SAT, ACT, AP, BCA, SSAT, ISEE, and HSPT, and our knowledgeable team of expert instructors can teach you the tips and tricks to help you get your best score. During your consultation, you will receive:


  • An evaluation test to identify your child’s current academic strengths and weaknesses.
  • A detailed score report that includes your child’s academic standing, their knowledge of test-taking skills, and our expert guidance for next steps.
  • Customized course recommendations to help your child improve their academic performance.
  • An individualized test preparation plan and timeline to get your child to their goal score.


Let our Head Academic Counselor help you find the support and academic enrichment you need to be top of the class. We offer a wide array of courses and programs designed to challenge your child and strengthen their academic performance. During your consultation, you will receive:


  • An evaluation test with a detailed score report explaining your child’s academic standing along with their strengths and weaknesses.
  • A review of your child’s school portfolio including their report card and NJ State Exam scores in order to identify your child’s needs and goals.
  • An individualized academic plan with course recommendations based on your child’s areas of improvement. 
  • Expert guidance for your high achieving student to advance and excel in challenging programs that will put them on the path to honors classes, top high schools, and even top colleges!


We are ready to help you on the path to college success. Our Head Academic Counselor will guide you through the college admissions process step-by-step and assist you in creating an application package that stands out from the crowd. During your consultation, you will receive:


  • Individualized attention to your college goals based on your academic portfolio, your personal interests, and your educational needs.
  • A college application plan and timeline that includes a test prep schedule with course recommendations and step-by-step assistance with writing your college application essay.
  • Personalized academic support through MEK programs to enrich classroom skills and supplement rigorous coursework.


Choosing which high school to attend is an overwhelming task, but our Head Academic Counselor is prepared to guide you through the process. Our personalized assessment of your child’s needs and goals will gain them access to top high schools and put them on the path to success. During your consultation, you will receive:


  • A detailed review of your child’s academic performance in their current classes to identify their strengths and weaknesses.
  • A customized list of high schools based on your child’s GPA, academic goals, and personal needs.
  • An individualized admissions plan and timeline that includes goal setting, test preparation, and step-by-step guidance throughout the application process.
  • Our expert recommendations for which courses and programs would best suit your child’s needs as they prepare for high school admissions exams.


Making your college application stand out from the crowd doesn’t have to be difficult. Let our Head Academic Counselor guide you through the process of choosing the best extracurricular activities to give you the competitive edge that elite institutions are looking for. During your consultation, you will receive:


  • A personalized strategy for strengthening your application through extracurriculars that you are truly passionate about.
  • College Admissions Support to find opportunities such as internships, clubs, and organizations that match with your academic goals and personal interests.
  • A customized plan for how you can deeply engage with your extracurricular activities, find ways to show leadership, and even create your own club or organization.





Since 1997, Ann Ahn has been the backbone and spirit of MEK, providing academic support for all who walked through our doors. She has worked with thousands of students since 1997, not only sending them to elite colleges and universities, but also giving them the tools to do well and succeed there. Whether it’s taking that first step of learning to excel in the classroom or the last step of gaining admission to a top college, Ann Ahn has guided students and parents through their academic journey with her expert knowledge of the admissions process, test prep, and education.

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