Class of 2026 Early Action/Early Decision Results

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Class of 2026 Early Action/Early Decision Results

Class of 2026 Early Action/Early Decision Results

Congratulations on your admissions to your Early Decision and/or Early Action schools! I am very proud and excited for each and every one of you! If you worked with us, I would like to thank you for trusting us throughout the college admissions process.

Below is a list of the early decision and early action admission rates for schools MEK students applied to this year.

College/UniversityED/EA# of Applications Received# of Students Accepted
Harvard UniversityREA9406740
Yale UniversityREA7288800
Columbia UniversityED6305Not released
Brown UniversityED6146896
University of PennsylvaniaED77951218
Cornell UniversityED9500Not released
Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyEA14781697
Vanderbilt UniversityED2700650
Barnard CollegeED1501435
Georgetown UniversityEA8832881

The 2021 EA/ED Admissions Process

This year has been particularly tough for all students. Many top-tier schools experienced their most competitive early admissions cycles to date. The applicant pools for all of these colleges/universities were outstanding and talented but also larger than before, which made for a rigorous admissions process. Therefore, students who we predicted would not have a hard time receiving admissions to their top-choice schools were deferred or waitlisted. 

We found that students who had grades and exam scores that were not in the college/university’s 50th percentile of accepted students were rejected. Whereas students who had the top grades and exams scores but lacked strength in their extracurriculars were deferred. 

If you were waitlisted or deferred, that is still good news! We are still so very proud of each and every one of you. Although being waitlisted or deferred was not the decision you were looking for, do not be discouraged! There is still hope! We will be supporting you throughout this next stage of the process. 

For Students Who Were Deferred 

If you were deferred, this means that your application will be considered for regular decision. Make sure to send the admissions office a letter of continued interest and update your resume. But most importantly, make sure to keep your grades up!

For Students Who Were Waitlisted

If you were waitlisted that means the admissions office finished reviewing your application. You will be notified of admission after the school confirms the number of enrolled applicants. Some schools rarely admit students off the waitlist, so make sure you do your research and apply to some regular decision schools. You do not want to put all your hopes into one school on the off chance that you will be offered a spot!

For Students Who Were Denied

If, however, you have been denied, do not worry. Keep in mind that you still have regular decision schools to fall back on. This has been a hard year for everyone. As long as you are diligent with your supplemental essays and deadlines, you will hear good news soon. I truly believe that no matter what the results are, your future is promising. As long as you do your best, you will be successful! Fingers-crossed that we hear good news from you all starting in March!

Next Steps

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