College Board Discontinues SAT Subject Tests

College Board Discontinues SAT Subject Tests

PALISADES PARK, NJ – On January 19th, 2021, the College Board released an official statement discontinuing SAT Subject Tests permanently, effective immediately. Instead, the College Board will reallocate resources toward the AP (Advanced Placement) and a more flexible SAT that can be digitally administered.

With its widespread availability to students of all demographics, the AP will now be the main method by which students will be able to show their mastery of a certain subject, providing college credit upon successful completion in addition to hands-on and real-world coursework.

In accordance with College Board’s discontinuation of the SAT Subject Tests, MEK Review is cancelling all SAT Subject Test Prep courses starting in Spring 2021 and onward.

“We will instead be focusing our efforts on AP Test Prep, High School Honors, and SAT/ACT courses. We urge that students do the same, and focus their efforts on doing well in school to achieve a high GPA and completing the SAT or ACT, as these metrics will now have an even heavier weight in the evaluation of college applications,” says Director of Subject Prep, Pranav Gupta.

The Spring season is especially important as high school students complete their College Test Prep and aim for high goals. MEK Review is here to guide students to success in this process through any and all variables.


Q: What if I’m already registered for the May and/or June SAT Subject Tests?

College Board will automatically cancel your test and refund the testing fee. However, if you live abroad, your May and/or June test will not be cancelled, as the discontinuation will be effective following the June 2021 administration. This does NOT mean that you can take the test in a different country—your legal residence has to be outside of the United States in order for the test to be valid.

Q: What if I’m already registered for SAT Subject Test Prep courses at MEK?

All SAT Subject Test Prep courses at MEK Review will be cancelled, effective immediately. Students who are currently enrolled in these courses can receive a refund or credit for future use, depending on their preference.

For students who would like to redirect their efforts toward other academic needs, MEK’s expert academic counselors are ready to help. Contact us to schedule a consultation to discuss how you should spend your Spring 2021, in lieu of SAT Subject Test Prep.

Q: What other courses can I enroll in instead of SAT Subject Test Prep?

MEK offers a wide variety of courses for all of your academic needs. For College Test Prep, we offer SAT, ACT, and AP Prep Courses, in both group and one-on-one tutoring formats. We also offer High School Honors courses and School Support Tutoring, for your success in the classroom.

Contact MEK Review to schedule a consultation to assess your needs based on your high school classroom curriculum, GPA, and college goals. The credit from the cancellation of the SAT Subject Test Prep courses is applicable to all MEK courses.


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