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Student’s Demonstrated Interest: Master List of Colleges That Consider It Important

Just like how an employer doesn’t want to offer a job to a candidate who isn’t really interested, colleges don’t want to give out acceptance letters to students who are not likely to attend.

For this reason, many colleges measure student’s demonstrated interest: the level of enthusiasm and curiosity a student shows for attending a specific college. In other words, colleges try to determine how much you want to attend their school and factor this into their admission decisions.

While demonstrated interest won’t weigh as heavily as grades and test scores, if an admission officer is comparing your application to someone else’s with a similar resume, demonstrated interest can become the deciding factor.

That’s why we’ve created our master list to show you which colleges rank demonstrated interest as “very important”, “important”, “somewhat important” and “not important” when making admission decisions.

Colleges that consider demonstrated interest VERY IMPORTANT

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Colleges that consider demonstrated interest IMPORTANT

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Colleges that consider demonstrated interest SOMEWHAT IMPORTANT

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Colleges that consider demonstrated interest NOT IMPORTANT

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Next Steps

If one of your prospective colleges ranks demonstrated interest as very important or important, check out our 5 easy ways to show demonstrated interest to a college.

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