Highlights of the Exam Prep 8 Demo Lectures

Highlights of the Exam Prep 8 Demo Lectures

“Are the MEK virtual classrooms effective?”

“Will my 7th grader be able to sit in front of their computer for the full class time and get the full experience of the test prep class?”

These are questions that parents often ask us about the new virtual classroom–especially in regards to our Exam Prep 8 class. To put these concerns to rest, on May 13th and 14th, MEK hosted Exam Prep 8 demo lectures, taught by the same teachers who will teach the course in the summer.

We had three goals for these demo-lectures:

      1.  For parents to observe the class atmosphere and type of lectures
      2.  For students to determine what they can gain from Exam Prep 8
      3.  For both parents and students to experience the teachers’ teaching styles.

What Our Students Said

Here is what our students said when asked what they learned during the demo lectures:

“I learned that test taking skills, vocabulary and Number Theory are essential for future high school exams. I learned that I could use improvement on these subjects.”

“You need to have a good mindset and good test-taking skills.”

“I learned that I need to put in time and I need to do my part in maintaining a good GPA moving forward. I should also probably take the Exam [Prep] 8 class in order to prepare for my high school admissions test.”

“Practice is completely necessary.”

“I learned that I have to put [in] a lot more effort and keep my mind straight on the road.”

“I learned that the [MEK] teachers and classes will help me as much as possible. I understand what I will learn in this class.”

“I learned that I need to really push myself for the rest of 7th grade and 8th grade.”

“I learned the value of time and how vital it is in mathematical scenarios. I also learned the cruciality of vocabulary regarding English test prep.”

Our Teachers in Action

Below are some snippets of our Exam Prep 8 teachers in action during the demo lectures!

English: Rachel Erwin – Analogies


English: Mac Porter – Critical Reading


Math: Pranav Gupta – Ratios: Operations & Number Sense


Math: Tony Kim – Ratios: Problem Solving Math


The First Step Toward BCA Admissions

Our students who start in Exam Prep 8 statistically gain more acceptances to BCA, as well as to other outstanding high schools such as Bergen County Technical High School, Academies at Englewood, and prestigious private schools. It gives you the full experience of test prep, starting with building foundational knowledge while seamlessly integrating test-taking strategies and methods that are not taught in school, preparing you for the SSAT, ISEE, HSPT, and BCA exams.

That’s why it’s the first step to success in BCA Prep!

If you are interested in taking your first step toward admissions to your dream high school with Exam Prep 8feel free to give us a call at (855) 346-1410, or contact us for more information! You can find out more details about the course, and get a consultation about how to start your journey to your dream high school.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

Tony Kim

Tony is the Director of the Exam Prep Team at MEK Review. He teaches math for College Test Prep and H.S. Test Prep and supervises and guides the Exam Prep staff to ensure student success. With a passion for teaching, Tony fosters strong relationships with his students and motivates them to achieve their goals.


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