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Expert Tips: SAT/ACT Test Prep Advice to Cheer You Up!

Test Prep Advice To Cheer You Up!

We all know how important your test scores are for your college applications.

Testing is already so stressful, and sometimes it feels like everything is riding on your SAT or ACT results. We’re reminded constantly that studying and preparation are the best ways to increase our scores and feel confident, but still, it’s easy to become frustrated and overwhelmed. It’s also very disappointing when all of that hard work yields a less than satisfactory result.

To combat feelings of doubt and insecurity, take some of these test prep tips from our expert teachers at MEK Review! They have tons of experience with running into that brick wall, and then tearing it down to get to that ideal score on the other side.

Read on for our top advice that high school students can utilize when staying motivated for their SAT or ACT exams.


#1. You are never alone!

“You’re not alone! Plenty of students have felt disappointed at their initial practice test results or even their official SAT or ACT scores, but then have gone on to earn amazing scores! The key is to stay solution-oriented, not blame-oriented. Don’t get down on yourself. Just start strategically thinking about what concrete steps you can take to improve your score for the next time, and let MEK teachers help you.”

Katie Weisman, English Teacher


#2. Take time for reflection.

“It happens. In fact, it happens to many students on their first SAT or ACT test. But that being said, don’t dismiss it entirely. Reflect on why you got that score. Just nerves? Or were you truly prepped for your goal score? Based on your answer, determine the next test date you should sign up for and jump right back into prep.”

— Rachel Erwin, Exam Prep Coordinator


#3. Don’t let failure get you down.

“Weaponize your discouragement. Give yourself a day to feel bad and let the negative emotions out (this is important for anyone). But don’t get lost in the negativity; recognize how bad it feels to underperform and strategize ways of improving such that you do not have to feel that way again. Failure is part of the game, but you only lose if you let failure keep you down. If you are unsure of what went wrong or how to improve from where you are, ask your teachers. We relish the opportunities to take a more active role in your test preparation.”

 Mac Porter, English Teacher


#4. Small steps add up to big ones.

“Continue. No matter what, just keep going. Practice a little every day. Write your goal on a post-it note and keep it somewhere you can see it. Set small goals; maybe get one more question correct each week. Small changes always lead to bigger ones.”

Ashley Dorian, English Teacher


#5. Barrel through!

“Soldier on and tackle the next test with abandon. With the right mindset, you’ll eventually achieve the score you desire.”

— Chris Cullen, English Teacher


#6. Try again and again.

“No one finishes in one try. If you can, do it again. The second you start being frustrated, your score will never improve again.”

— Tony Kim, Director of Exam Prep


#7. Your score says nothing of your ability.

“Test scores on a competitive test, like the SAT or ACT, are not always indicative of your ability, but rather connected to many other variables. Continue to build the necessary intangibles by intense test training to achieve a top tier score.”

— Pranav Gupta, Exam Prep Coordinator


#8. No need to rush.

“Test preparation is not a sprint. It’s a marathon that requires patience, perseverance, and commitment. Focus on small victories and use those to encourage yourself and maintain your work ethic from beginning to end.”

— Matthew Olive, Math Teacher


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