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Bergen County Academies / Bergen Tech Have Moved The Entrance Exam To December, One Month Earlier Than Expected.

Introducing our new BCA/BT Test Prep Fast Track: A 10 week, fully online program for 8th graders to strengthen knowledge of key concepts, solidify skills, and gain invaluable digital testing experience.

Introducing: BCA/BT exam PREP "Fast Track"

In today’s competitive academic landscape, ensuring your 8th grader is well-prepared is more crucial than ever. At MEK Review, we understand the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, which is why we’re proud to unveil our latest offering: The BCA/BT Test Prep Fast Track.

“Fast Track” includes 10 weekly BCA/BT Simulation Tests and reviews through English and Math lectures.

The program includes a comprehensive Math section comprised of a 40-question multiple-choice exam. For the English component, students will delve into a literary analysis essay, which is based on a provided passage. Additionally, our curriculum features lectures that are specifically tailored to review and dissect the simulation tests, ensuring students grasp the core concepts and strategies.


Why Choose BCA/BT EXAM Prep Fast Track?


Expertly Designed Curriculum:

Drawing from our renowned BCA test program, this 10-week online course is meticulously crafted to cover all essential areas, ensuring no stone is left unturned.



Digital Testing Mastery:

Beyond just knowledge and skills, we emphasize the importance of digital test-taking experience. In an era where digital proficiency is paramount, your child will gain invaluable experience navigating and excelling in online testing environments.


Solidify Foundational Skills:

Our program isn’t just about rote learning. We focus on strengthening foundational skills, ensuring your child doesn’t just memorize, but truly understands and retains key concepts.


Convenience of Online Learning:

In today’s fast-paced world, flexibility is key. Our fully online program ensures your child can learn from the comfort of home, without compromising on the quality of instruction.


Fast-Track to Success:

Time is of the essence. In just 10 weeks, watch as your child transforms, gaining the confidence and competence to tackle any academic challenge head-on.

Experience Matters: Equip Your 8th Grader with Invaluable Test-Taking Experience and In-Depth Test Reviews, All Based on our BCA/BT Curriculum

“Fast Track” includes 10 weekly BCA/BT Simulation Tests and reviews with English and Math lectures.

Doors Open October 3rd and Run 10 Consecutive Weeks After Your First Simulation Test. Register Anytime.

In just 10 weeks, Fast Track will result in: 

Enhanced Focus and Attention:

Not only will your child become adept at taking digital tests, but their overall attention span also increases. Your child will develop strategies to minimize distractions, ensuring they’re locked into their task and maximize their performance.

Boosted Confidence:

Your child gains invaluable test-taking experience. This newfound confidence spills over into other areas of their academic life.

Digital Literacy Beyond Exams:

Your child will become savvy and confident in using various software and digital platforms, making them prepared for future academic and professional challenges in an increasingly digital world.

Long-term Academic Success:

With the foundation of digital competence, your child’s academic journey becomes smoother. They can more easily adapt to future tech advancements in academia and future job markets, which will inevitably be digitally oriented.

A Blueprint for Future Challenges:

This program gives your 8th grader child a blueprint for tackling future obstacles, fostering resilience, grit, and determination.

With BCA/BT Exam Prep Fast Track, you are not just altering the trajectory of your child’s performance for a single exam or school year; you’re shaping their future, giving them the tools and mindset to conquer challenges in the digital age and beyond.

"Fast Track" gives Your 8th Grader Invaluable Testing & Review Experience

Key Curricular Elements

  • Weekly BCA/BT Simulation Test, reviewed in English and Math lectures
    • Math section: 40-question multiple-choice exam
    • English section: Literary analysis essay based on passage
  • Lectures focused on simulation test review, with emphasis on digital exam skills (objectives listed below)

Objectives Covered

Digital Exam Skills

  1. Digital Platforms & Basic Navigation
  2. Overcoming Distractions & Building Concentration
  3. Effective Time Management & Pacing in a Digital Setting
  4. Harnessing Digital Tools for Annotation & Note-Taking
  5. Building Typing Speed & Accuracy for Written Responses
  6. Tackling Screen Fatigue & Staying Energized
  7. Addressing Anxiety & Boosting Confidence
  8. Personalized Strategy Development
  9. Advanced Digital Strategies & Mock Exam Practice

  1. Literary Analysis
  2. Characterization
  3. Style, Tone, & Mood
  4. Irony
  5. Reading Comprehension Drills
  1. Basic Essay Structure
  2. Introductions
  3. Quote Integration
  4. Verbs
  5. Fragments & Run-ons
  6. Word Choice
  7. Pronouns

  1. Number Sense
  2. Calculation & Simplification Techniques
  3. Ratios, Proportions, & Percentages
  4. Simple Word Problems
  5. Algebraic Literacy
  6. Number Theory
  7. Cumulative Test Review
  1. Annotating Word Problems
  2. Time Management & Pacing
  3. Quick Calculation Skills through Number Sense

Give your 8th grader a competitive edge for their entire academic journey. Equip them with skills that will benefit them in high school, college, and even their future careers.

Doors Open Oct. 3rd and Run 10 Consecutive Weeks After First Simulation Test.

Register Anytime.

English Lecture Preview

Math Lecture Preview

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the curriculum based on?

The course is based on our heralded Bergen County Academies / Bergen Tech prep program. This means your 8th grader will strengthen their knowledge of key concepts, solidify foundational skills, and grasp core concepts in addition to gaining invaluable experience with digital test-taking.

How much daily/weekly time will my child need to dedicate to this program?

The lectures will be two hours weekly (one hour for Math, and one hour for English), and students will also be taking weekly BCA/BT simulation tests for two hours weekly, for a total of 4 hours dedicated to the program itself. However, students are urged to dedicate at least two hours weekly to preparing for the tests and lectures to make the instruction as effective as possible.

Are there any prerequisites or tech requirements?

Students need to have access to a computer in a quiet setting. They also need to have their own non-school-affiliated email address.

Using this email address, we will set up students’ Canvas accounts. We use Canvas Instructure as our main learning management portal. In this portal, students will receive all materials, communicate with their teachers, and access the class itself.

How does the program accommodate different learning styles?

As the program is a live virtual class, class engagement is key. MEK teachers are heavily trained in methods to keep each student engaged in the class, accommodating each student’s unique learning style toward the singular goal of the BCA/BT Entrance Exam.

What if my child misses a week or falls behind?

Students who are absent for a session that they are registered for will be provided with a recording of the class that they missed after they submit the simulation test that the lecture is reviewing.

How will I monitor my child's progress?

Parents are able to make an account in the Canvas Learning Management Portal to observe their students’ progress. This will give parents access to the gradebook and all submitted assignments.

Once the 10-week program ends, is there any follow-up support or further resources available?

After the 10-week program, students are recommended to take our High School Honors and Core Reading & Writing courses in order to continue their digital exam training toward both school and standardized exam success.

Is the program adaptive to changes in the digital exam landscape?

The curriculum is updated every year to reflect any changes to the digital exam landscape.

How will this program help in real exam settings?

This is precisely the goal of BCA/BT Fast Track! 

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