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Good Luck on the BCA Exam!

Hello BCA Prep Students,

You made it! BCA Prep has come to an end, and it’s finally time to take the test. Over the last 18 weeks, you have all worked so hard and showed great improvement, and for that, we are all so proud of you. I know that exam day comes with a whole host of emotions, but the BCA Teaching Team has the utmost confidence in each and every one of you.

To help you stay motivated as you go into your exam, we’ve compiled a list of final tips that you can take with you. Read through them, and remember, you’ve got this!

1. Trust your preparation.

This fall, you spent 18 weeks – and even more time before that in the spring and summer – preparing for this test. Trust that the amount of time and energy you spent preparing is enough. And trust me when I say that you are better prepared than everyone else taking this test around you. Take that confidence with you into test day.

2. Time management is key.

Students will get 105 minutes for the entire test and are asked to independently allocate the time. As the Math and English team has instructed you, use the first 45 minutes on the English test first and then one hour for the Math test. Use this time is to your advantage. Don’t be undisciplined.

3. Manage your scrap paper.

Our math teaching team spent a lot of time planning and offering you virtual testing over the past few weeks. These tests were a similar format to the actual BCA test. Scrap paper management is key. DO THE TEST WITH YOUR PENCIL AND NOT YOUR EYES.

Final Thoughts

Don’t forget the basic test taking strategies that you were taught:

    • Annotate by using scrap paper.
    • Write your intermediate steps.
    • Interpret your answer.
    • Use ALL the time if you finish early.


You are ready. Stay focused. Stay confident. And GOOD LUCK!

Pranav Gupta

Pranav is the Exam Prep Coordinator at MEK Review. He is also a devoted and enthusiastic teacher for all levels of math including College Test Prep, H.S. Test Prep and competition math. With his infectious passion for teaching and math, he inspires students to stay focused and reach their potential.


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