Feb 2021: Succeeding in MLC & Virtual Learning

Feb 2021: Succeeding in MLC & Virtual Learning

Due to the ongoing pandemic, students have transitioned to a virtual learning environment, whether they like it or not. Although the time that has passed has allowed students to grow accustomed to this new approach to learning, there is still room for improvement. 

Success in the MLC Classroom can help you succeed in any virtual classroom. Here are some tips to get you started!

Build helpful homework habits

At the beginning of your MLC enrollment, plan a work schedule that works for you. Be mindful of how long it takes you to complete assignments that way you can plan ahead efficiently. 

It is best to not leave homework to the last minute, that way you don’t feel rushed or overwhelmed to complete the work. By knowing how long your work takes you and the amount of work assigned, you can break up the work or set aside enough time to finish it all.

Form and personalize your study habits

Studying plays a huge role in creating success within a virtual learning environment. Keep all of your study materials organized and readily accessible. By remaining organized, studying is a lot easier because you know where everything is and what materials you should be focusing on. 

Also, don’t leave studying only for when there is a test or quiz!. You should be studying as a form of review, even if for just a short period of time each week to avoid feeling overwhelmed when a test/quiz approaches. 

Be sure to listen out for specific concepts and lessons your teacher might mention will be on future quizzes and tests.

Review materials

Remember to use the materials provided to you by your teacher! While completing independent work and homework, it is extremely helpful to use class notes and worksheets. Using these materials alongside your assignment can help guide you as you complete your work. 

Many times these materials have examples, modeled work and rules that can definitely help you with your work. These materials are also helpful study tools.

Manage your time

With a virtual setting, some of our new distractions might be out of our control. However, planning your work ahead of time can help solve these problems. 

Set up your virtual work space so that you can limit distractions and remember to notify those who live with you about your schedule. You should try your best to mimic a classroom environment to help you focus on getting your word done in an efficient manner. 

Also, avoid multitasking, which can actually decrease your productivity. Put away any distractions such as cell phones, devices, toys or even food. 

Come prepared to complete your work and set goals for yourself. Maybe you might want to set a time goal or a goal that aims to finish a portion of your assignments. Figure out what motivates you more when setting goals and remember to apply effort for each assignment. 

What Next?

As I said above, success in MLC classes will set you up for success in any virtual classroom. Prepare for school success with MEK Review!

First, check out our Spring course offerings, which includes MLC! We are opening new classes for the Summer semester, and will be opening a CCSS Student Evaluation Test Event for students: the first step to joining our MLC courses.

Contact us to stay up-to-date on our course openings and promotions! That way, you will be the first to know when we roll out our Summer promotions.

I hope to see you soon!

Lauren Farfan

Lauren is a dedicated MLC English teacher. She brings a level of warmth and compassion to each class to make sure that each student is included and engaged in the class. She helps each student become a skilled writer, reader, and speaker.


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