Math Competitions: 5 Benefits for Your Child

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Math Competitions: 5 Benefits for Your Child

Math Competitions are a great way for students to have fun and develop advanced mathematical skills. If you’re considering getting your child involved in competition math, here are 5 major benefits to consider.

#1. Your Child Will Build Exceptional Problem-Solving Skills

Parents commonly have the misconception that competition level math questions simply require students to learn above grade-level concepts.

This is only partially true.

While some concepts may be harder than what your child sees in class, the biggest difference between school classwork and math competition questions is the problem-solving process.

A competition math question may be built on skills your child already fully understands, but what is different is the demand to recognize and identify what skills to apply. Regularly, these questions will be detailed word problems, for which the solution path isn’t immediately clear. The ability to digest and pick apart key words or phrases to identify what skill to apply is the clear difference.

Consequently, your child builds up advanced critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

#2. Your Child Will Boost Their Creativity

In education, we often don’t speak about creativity and math together. But we should. Advanced mathematical solving involves a great deal of innovation. After all, while real-world problem-solving requires logical reasoning, it also requires out-of-the box thinking.

Thus, what makes a good competition question is the foundational requirement that it be solved via creative solutions. A good question is more than just stating what process to apply. It is about creating a realistic word problem in which students must decide which processes to apply without being directly told to do so.

#3. Your Child Won’t Get Bored

Any student who is ahead of their average grade-level peer in math can benefit from math competitions.

The competition math environment allows for the strongest students, who may be bored or disengaged in school due to a lack of challenge, to really flourish and apply themselves fully. It is a place for the best of the best math students to be properly challenged outside of class time.

Through math competition training, children can continue to nurture their math skills, stay engaged with learning, and stretch their abilities.

#4. Your Child Will Have Fun


One of the most obvious benefits of math competitions is that they are fun.  Friendly competition adds motivation and enjoyment for many students. And the unique style of competition math question-types allows students to flex their analytical and creative muscles in gratifying ways.

Many competitions give an array of awards and prizes, which can boost your child’s confidence and give them a well-earned sense of accomplishment.

#5. Your Child Can Boost Their Academic Resume

If your child is thinking about applying to a private high school or prestigious magnet schools, especially with a heavy-STEM emphasis, math competitions are a great way for your child to boost their academic resume. 

Your child’s participation in these competitions will showcase to an admission officer your child’s passion for math. And any awards or recognitions they receive will demonstrate their talent.

Getting Started

If you’ve decided math competitions are a great fit for your child, check out our MAPC – math competition program! This course helps 4th-7th graders deepen their understanding of mathematical concepts and become competition ready!

You can contact us today to learn more and schedule an academic evaluation to find the best MEK math program for your child!

Plus, check out these popular math competition for young students, some of which MEK host every year!

Nicholas Lang

Nick is an enthusiastic teacher devoted to helping students reach their academic goals and enjoying learning along the way. He teaches School Support math and science tutoring, AP Chemistry, AP Calculus, AP Physics, and SAT Chemistry.


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