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ACT Connect is a flexible, module-based online program designed for high school students to master ACT strategies, enhance subject knowledge, and achieve top 1% scores.

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A New Era of ACT Prep is here.

We understand the evolving needs of today’s high school students. Balancing rigorous academic commitments with extracurricular activities demands a flexible yet effective approach to ACT preparation.

Enter ACT Connect – a program meticulously designed to offer the best of both worlds. This self-paced, module-based online course ensures that students can tailor their learning experience to fit their unique schedules, without compromising on the quality of instruction.

ACT Connect combines the wisdom of our seasoned instructors with the convenience of digital learning. Each module focuses on specific ACT topics, ensuring students grasp both the content and the strategies essential for top-tier scores. 


From in-depth lectures to simulation tests, we’ve curated a comprehensive suite of resources that have consistently placed our students in the top 1% of ACT test-takers nationwide.

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The Challenge of ACT Prep

Over our years of ACT Prep, we found that we simply couldn’t approach SAT and ACT test prep in the same way due to their differences in logistical and structural nature. There were three major problems that we needed to solve:

One major logistical difference between the SAT and ACT is the ability to cancel scores. The SAT only provides a one-week window after students take the test for them to cancel their scores, but takes two to three weeks to release test scores. This means that students would cancel scores based on how they think they did on the test.


On the other hand, the ACT allows students to cancel their scores at any time, including after scores are released. This lack of permanence, combined with the options of SuperScore and, now, test optional colleges and universities, lessens the pressure of high performance. And while the lessened pressure can also be lessened stress on students, on the test prep point of view, a lack of pressure can equate to less motivation.


Instead of the idea that they must do well on their next ACT test date, students can think, “If I don’t do well on this test, I can just take the next one. And if I don’t do well on that test, too, I can just not submit my scores on my college application.” On a classroom management standpoint, this lack of pressure often appears first in the form of inconsistent attendance.


Of course, we don’t stand by scare tactics and paralyzing pressure. But students, as well as adults, often need the pressure of an impending deadline or the college/university goal to motivate them to strive for better.

A super obvious difference between the SAT and ACT lies in their scales. The Math and English sections of the SAT are graded on a scale from 200 to 800, combining into a composite score between 400 and 1600.


Each of the four sections of the ACT, on the other hand, are graded on a scale of 1 to 36, and the sections are averaged for a composite score that is also between 1 and 36. Because of this difference in scale, students don’t see their improvements quantified in their score as frequently on the ACT.


So if a student’s composite SAT score goes from a 1450 to 1490, which would be considered a considerable jump in score, their equivalent composite ACT score would stay at a 33, which, on a numerical scale, does not show the improvement that they’ve made throughout that time. This illusion of stagnation can often demotivate students, as they may seem stuck at a single score or increase in score very slowly, despite their continued efforts.


Thus, ACT Prep requires resilience and patience. It requires students to resist discouragement, as well as a critical eye to read their score reports thoroughly and identify points of improvement, even if they don’t appear as large score improvements.

Especially because students may often find themselves with the same ACT score over a prolonged period of time, the test prep and practice that they need will often feel highly repetitive. While the composite ACT score moves very slowly, the section-by-section scores on the ACT show that every question counts a great deal. As scores get higher, the stakes for each question get larger. The difference between a 33 and a 34, a 34 and a 35, and eventually a 35 and a 36, is one question.


But that one question is what keeps most students focused – because they know that one question could make a difference in the college or university that they will go to.

Scary, yes. But with applicant pools getting larger and acceptance rates going down every year, we cannot afford that one question.

So, to eliminate that difference, we practice. And practice, and practice.

Why Choose ACT Connect?


All of the Concepts and Strategies You Need

Comprised of videos by the very instructors who developed the ACT Prep program at MEK, ACT Connect gives student access to our library of test prep material and lecture videos.


Ability to Review Past Lectures As Many Times as Needed

We understands the varied learning paces of students. Our platform offers the flexibility to revisit and rewatch past lectures, ensuring every concept is clear and mastered, no matter how many reviews it takes.


Test Prep is Test Prep, NOT Academic Enrichment

ACT Connect emphasizes the distinction between test strategies and classroom learning. Our focus is on efficient test-taking techniques and strategies, ensuring students are primed for the ACT.


Learn the RIGHT Way to Answer the Test Questions

ACT Connect equips students with the optimal methodologies and approaches to tackle ACT questions, ensuring they not only get the right answers but also understand the most effective way to arrive at them.


Get the Correct Answer in the Fewest Steps Possible

ACT Connect prioritizes efficiency in test-taking. Our strategies are designed to guide students to the right answers swiftly, minimizing time spent on each question and maximizing accuracy and speed.

Enroll in ACT Connect and embark on a journey that can place you in the top 1% of ACT test-takers.

what could a 6+ point improvement on your act score do for you?

With an average score improvement of 6+ points and a track record of producing top scorers, ACT Connect stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to student success.

There are many perks to ACT Connect:

Flexible Learning Experience:

ACT Connect’s self-paced, module-based online format allows students to tailor their study schedule, making it perfect for those with busy or unpredictable timetables.

Comprehensive ACT Mastery:

The program dives deep into both subject skills and test-taking strategies, ensuring students are well-equipped to tackle every aspect of the ACT.

Significant Score Improvement:

Many students experience an average improvement of 6+ points, positioning them among the top ACT scorers.

Expert Guidance:

With lectures and content crafted by seasoned educators, students gain insights from professionals with a combined 36 years of teaching experience.

Proven Track Record:

Drawing from a rich 26-year history of educational excellence, ACT Connect has consistently produced top scorers, demonstrating its effectiveness and reliability in ACT preparation.

In the competitive landscape of college admissions, every point on the ACT can make a difference. With ACT Connect, you’re not just enrolling in another test prep program; you’re investing in a proven blueprint for success. Our commitment is unwavering: to provide students with the tools, strategies, and confidence they need to shine.


So, whether you’re starting your ACT journey or seeking that final push towards perfection, ACT Connect stands ready to guide you every step of the way. Join us and turn your college aspirations into a triumphant reality.

How ACT Connect Works

We have a variety of different ACT Connect packages that fit the needs of every student.

The best way to use ACT Connect will vary based on the student. Some students are very good at keeping themselves accountable, taking their test prep in small bite sized regular doses. These students will do well with just the ACT Connect program. These students will:

Some students need some more step-by-step guidance. This may not necessarily be because of a lack of discipline. It may be because this is the first test prep experience that they’ve had, or because whatever test prep they have experienced in the past didn’t work for them. 


For these students, we recommend supplementing their ACT Connect experience with tutoring sessions, to set up that study schedule, build study habits, and point the right direction. 


  • Length: 60 Sessions (15 Sessions per Subject)
  • Full-length Simulation ACT Tests
  • All assignments, assessments, and tests must be completed before the corresponding lecture video is viewed
  • Students complete all lectures in a given module in order to access the subsequent simulation tests
  • In order to take the subsequent tests, students must complete all lectures for a given test before being able to take the next test


  • Length: 20 Sessions (5 Sessions per Subject)
  • Full-length Simulation ACT Tests
  • All assignments, assessments, and tests must be completed before the corresponding lecture video is viewed
  • Students only have access to one module
  • In order to take the subsequent tests, students must complete all lectures for a given test before being able to take the next test

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Meet Our ACT Connect Team



Dean of Faculty and Director of Exam Prep English


Rachel is a graduate of the University of Texas A&M and an influential leader at MEK in her role as Dean of Faculty. She teaches College Test Prep, H.S. Test Prep, and College Application Essays. Within the English Department, she serves as director for the Exam Prep team, working diligently to ensure all students’ success. With her clear and systematic approach to teaching, she helps students make huge improvements.



English Teacher & College Essay Coach


Chris is a graduate of Saint Peter’s University and has worked as a professional writer for 12 years. He applies invaluable real-life skills learned in the media and publishing industries to his work as a teacher. His easygoing demeanor, thoughtful nature, and strong passion for writing work in concert to help students gain a newfound appreciation for the written word.



Director of Exam Prep Math


Tony is a graduate of Rutgers University and a leader on the Exam Prep team. He teaches math for College Test Prep and H.S. Test Prep and supervises and guides the Exam Prep staff to ensure student success. With a passion for teaching, Tony fosters strong relationships with his students and motivates them to achieve their goals.



Assistant Director of Subject Prep


Nick is a graduate of Stockton University and an enthusiastic teacher devoted to helping students reach their academic goals and enjoying learning along the way. He teaches School Support math and science tutoring, AP Chemistry, AP Calculus, AP Physics, and MAPC – Competition Math.

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