MEK Review Opens 8-Week AP Test Prep Course

MEK Review Opens 8-Week AP Test Prep Course

With the discontinuation of SAT Subject Tests, AP courses and exams have become much more important, as they have become the sole way to demonstrate mastery of subject-specific content in the college application. However, they have never been unimportant.

Before 2020, AP courses upheld pride in high schools across the country. Schools had strict prerequisites for the courses and many schools offered the courses on an invitation-only basis. Only students who showed that they could handle the added rigor could take the courses.

And it was understandable! A large portion of a school’s ranking comes from average AP scores. And the higher the ranking, the more funding and recognition the school would receive. From a student’s standpoint, more AP courses and high AP exam scores meant a more competitive college application and tuition savings, as AP credits are transferrable to most colleges and universities and exempt students from certain introductory-level courses.

Teachers would put in extra effort to make sure that their students got the additional practice they needed to do well on the test. Some teachers would even host Sunday practice sessions and office hours.

However, in May 2020, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the newly virtual AP exam, AP Central reduced the scope of the exam to reflect only 70% of the course curriculum. Additional practice could not be enforced in a suddenly remote class setting, and students were thrown into confusion with the new exam format (and its many technical glitches).

In 2021, College Board announced that they would reallocate their SAT Subject Test resources to improve and strengthen their AP curricula and exams.

And so have we.

AP Test Prep at MEK Review

Teachers are still putting in their full efforts to teach the AP curriculum and ensure that students understand the concepts at hand. However, the main weakness of AP courses in the remote classroom is the difficulty to enforce additional practice and exercises.

That’s where AP Test Prep at MEK comes in.

AP Test Prep at MEK will be focused on having students do well on their AP exams in May, using the concepts that students have already learned in the classroom. It is designed as an enhancement of the school AP course, with frequent practice exams, review, and reinforcement assessments. After the 8-week course, students will have organized their concept mastery and developed test taking skills that allow them to apply knowledge accurately.

Course Details


8 weeks, from March 15th to May 8th, 2021


Two days per week: lecture day & practice test day

  • Lecture day: 2-hour lecture based on practice test and content review
  • Practice test day: 4 practice exams over 8 week program
    • Multiple choice and open-ended questions are given on alternating weeks.


  • AP Literature
  • AP English Language & Composition
  • AP United States History
  • AP Physics I

  • AP Chemistry
  • AP Biology
  • AP Calculus AB
  • AP Calculus BC


The course is designed to train students for all types of AP exam questions, including multiple choice, open-ended, and essay questions. All curricula follow information released by AP Central.

After this course, students will be equipped to be confident test takers and have a complete understanding of AP concepts that they can apply to any kind of question that they encounter.

Get Started

The first step to enrolling in the AP Test Prep course is signing up for our virtual AP Test Event! At the AP Test Event, you will take a full-length proctored practice AP exam. Within 3 business days of your practice test, you will receive our signature score report and our expert course recommendations.

Already signed up for the AP Test Event, and want more information about the course? Fill out the following interest form, and our administrative team will reach out to you with more details within 3 business days!

We hope to see you soon!

Jaehee Ahn

Jaehee Ahn is MEK Review's Director of Academic Counseling Services and a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley. She is also an alumnus of MEK Review's SAT Prep program. If you have any questions about our College Counseling programs or wish to set up a consultation, you can email Jaehee at


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