MEK Review’s AP Course and Exam Prep

MEK Review’s AP Course and Exam Prep

MEK Review’s AP Course and Exam Prep

Advanced Placement courses are challenging college level classes offered to high school students. While the May/June AP exams are important, the classes themselves are equally as important as the big test.

Taking AP classes is a major responsibility. But what can an AP course really do for you?

  • You can receive college credit – AP courses focus on both content and test-taking strategies in order to best prepare you for the exam in May or June. Students who earn a 4 or 5 on the exam are eligible to receive college credit. Some schools even give credit to students who score a 3. Receiving college credit before you start college means you’ll save time and money earning your degree!
  • AP courses greatly impact your GPA – If your school has weighted GPAs (meaning more difficult courses give you a chance to earn above a 4.0) AP courses are often weighted more heavily than any other courses offered. Getting a good grade in your AP class positively impacts your GPA and your class rank. In fact, it’s possible to have a 5.0 GPA!
  • AP courses look good on your college applications – College admissions officers are always impressed by students that have excelled in AP courses throughout high school. Earning an A in your AP classes shows admissions officers that you have the college level skills and work ethic to succeed at their school. Plus, earning a 4 or 5 on the AP exam will show colleges that you can tackle difficult material under time pressure. You may even skip introductory-level courses in your freshman year of college!

Read on to see how MEK can help you ace your AP course and get a 5 on the exam in May!

AP Course Prep vs AP Exam Prep

During the summer and fall, we offer AP Course Prep to students that specifically helps them focus on mastering AP curriculum and becoming top of their class, rather than specific AP test prep.

In our summer program, students learn up to 60% of the upcoming curriculum on challenging Advanced Placement classes. This ensures students can walk into the school year feeling confident and ready to get an A in their course!

Our Fall AP Course Prep serves as a precursor to more intensive test-prep training in the spring. Students will complete the AP curriculum as it is laid out on College Board’s AP Central, but before they cover the topics in school. Thus, students will be prepared for upcoming topics and ready to ace school tests. The fall course focuses on content mastery so students can focus on AP Test prep during the spring.

In the spring, we offer AP Test Prep which specifically focuses on test-training for the May/June AP exams. Students continue to learn content mastery but they also learn specific test-taking strategies and techniques to aim for a 5 on the AP exam.

How does MEK Review help students ace their AP courses and earn a 5 on the AP Exam?

Here’s how our test prep framework at MEK Review helps you achieve top AP exam scores:

Expert Coaching: Our teachers not only explain key concepts and efficient problem-solving techniques, but also teach students valuable test-taking strategies: how to avoid making silly mistakes, increase mental endurance, and recognize common test traps.

Hands-On Practice: After lessons, students apply their knowledge through various skill-drills, problem sets, and quizzes to practice and reinforce what they have learned.

Direct Application: Throughout the course, students take several full length AP exams under simulated testing conditions to help them feel more comfortable and confident in a test-taking environment.

Personalized Feedback: Each simulated test is returned with a detailed score report analysis, indicating patterns and trends that will help identify the student’s strengths and weaknesses. Teachers monitor students’ progress through comprehensive feedback and communication between teacher, student, and parents.

Next Steps

The first step to getting started with any of our programs is to contact us. Fill out the Inquiry Form and specify in the box labeled “Tell us how we can help you” that you are interested in AP Course Prep or AP Test Prep  You can also email us directly or call us at 855-346-1410.

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