MEK Review’s Digital SAT FAQ

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MEK Review’s Digital SAT FAQ

MEK Review’s Digital SAT FAQ

For more than 26 years, MEK has been the leader in SAT Prep. Our results speak for themselves with students, on average, improving 200 points over the course of their test prep experience and, ultimately, scoring in the 99th percentile of test-takers. That’s why we put together our SAT FAQ!

With Dartmouth announcing the reinstatement of their SAT score requirement and the SAT going digital in March, many questions have arisen about SAT scores and prep.

And MEK has the answers!

Read on to learn the answers to your frequently asked questions about the SAT!

FAQ: SAT Scoring

Even though the SAT is going digital in March, the scoring range will stay 400-1600. But SAT scoring has a few complexities that are worth noting.

What is the SAT Score Choice?

The SAT Score Choice is a combination of a student’s best scores over multiple tests. So, say a student takes two SAT’s. On one SAT, they score high in English and low on Math. On the second SAT, they score high on Math and low on English. The student can combine their high English score on the first SAT with the high Math score on the second SAT to create their best overall score. CollegeBoard does this automatically unless specified by the student not to.

Can an SAT score be canceled?

Yes! However, the timeframe for canceling a test score is short. You have until 11:59pm EST a week from the date you took your test to cancel. Note that if you cancel your score within that window, you cannot get the score reinstated, sent to you, or sent to the colleges and universities to which you are applying.

How do students send their scores to the colleges and universities that they are applying to?

CollegeBoard takes care of this. When students are registering for the SAT, they tell CollegeBoard which colleges and universities the score should be sent to.

How long after taking the test do students receive their score?

Students receive their SAT score 2 weeks after they take the exam.

FAQ: Preparing for the SAT

When it comes to preparing for the SAT, working with an SAT tutor or taking a SAT Prep group class is going to give you the confidence building, test-taking strategies, and content skills that you won’t find in the school classroom. 

However, what are some things to consider when preparing for the SAT?

When should students start preparing for the exam?

We recommend starting SAT Prep in the Spring of 10th grade. This gives students time to really soak in the content, build the mindset that helps them stay confident and focused, and strengthen their test-taking stamina to avoid testing fatigue.

How long should students be preparing for the exam?

Students should plan for about two rounds of SAT Prep and to take two administrations of the SAT. What does this mean?

We recommend that students enroll in one-on-one test prep tutoring or small group SAT Prep classes to begin their preparation. After they have completed approximately 90% of their prep experience, they should take their first SAT.

After their first SAT, students should continue with their one-on-one tutoring or small group SAT Prep classes in anticipation of the next available administration of the SAT. The second round of SAT Prep focuses on turning the weaknesses you exhibited during your first official SAT testing experience into strengths. Armed with the knowledge of your testing experience and your score, you’re able to create a more focused plan to reach your goal score.

Should students take a break from SAT Prep after they take their first official SAT?

No! Actually, continuing SAT Prep, even after taking your first official SAT is crucial to maintaining and growing your progress.

We’ve seen many students, who took a break from SAT Prep after taking their first official SAT, lose their momentum and suffer from progress plateaus and even score decreases.

For students who continued their SAT Prep even after their first official SAT, they continued to make big gains in their score until the next official SAT. To read our student case studies about the benefits of continuous SAT prep, click here!

FAQ: Taking the SAT

The logistics of taking the SAT can be a bit overwhelming. What to bring to test day, and how to mentally prepare are two of our biggest questions we get asked. Here, we break down the top asked questions for taking the SAT.

Can students use their own calculators on the Math section?

Yes, students can bring their own calculator, as long as it is a model approved by CollegeBoard. However, the device on which they are taking their test does have a built-in graphing calculator.

What if a student scores low because of testing anxiety?

For students who struggle with testing anxiety, we want you to know that you have options!

Students who take the official SAT and are afraid they scored poorly due to testing anxiety can cancel their score within the week after they take the test.

We recommend that students, who know they are anxious test-takers, take a practice SAT with MEK. You’ll receive a real exam day experience, including a distraction free test environment, professional proctoring, and a full, timed practice SAT. 

Sometimes the best preparation is simply knowing what’s in store. By taking a practice test before exam day, you’ll get the feel of the experience and know what to expect, so you don’t get bogged down by test anxiety.

Next Steps

Interested in SAT Prep with MEK? Have more questions about the SAT?

We have a variety of SAT Prep classes available for first time and experienced test takers! Click here to learn more about our SAT Prep program. Our expert SAT Prep instructors give students the specific test-taking strategies, content skills, and confidence building that gets consistent results.

MEK also hosts Digital SAT Practice Tests! Take a full-length practice Digital SAT in a real testing environment. Our Digital SAT is the first step in the SAT registration process. You’ll receive a detailed report of your results, including your score and tips for improving areas of weakness. After the test, you’ll meet with one of our counselors to create a personalized plan for reaching your goal score.

Give us a call at +1 (855) 346-1410 or contact us here if you have any questions. Our team is happy to help any way we can. We look forward to hearing from you!

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