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MEK Review’s MLC Operations and Number Sense

MEK Review’s MLC Operations and Number Sense

For 25 years, MEK has worked hard to create programs and develop curricula that speak to the needs of every child we serve. And we believe that the key to succeeding in rigorous high school courses and on difficult admissions exams is early preparation. Our MLC Operations and Number Sense (ONS) program provides challenging lessons that will give MEK students the skills to excel in the classroom and the tools to earn elite scores on tough high school admissions tests.

How can our MLC ONS program set your child up for their academic future?

Read on to find out!

What is MLC ONS?

The MLC ONS program is skill-based, teaching students to master grade-appropriate math topics. Under the guidance of expert math teachers, students will become confident in their mathematical abilities and later apply them to problem-solving. 

What is the difference between MLC-Standard and MLC-Enriched?

The MLC-Standard and MLC-Enriched courses for ONS have similar curriculums and learning objectives, but there are a few minor differences.

MLC-Enriched courses are offered in-person on MEK’s Closter Campus. Therefore, they’re well suited for students who struggle or get burnt out easily in the online classroom. Students work with their peers in a small group setting of 4 to 8 students. This ensures no student is given less attention than others. The teachers emphasize classroom study and communication skills. 

Alternatively, MLC-Standard courses are offered virtually. These classes are perfect for students who are achieving good performance at their grade level but want to master topics in core subject areas. The virtual format of the classes means students have the flexibility to attend classes that work for their schedule.

Can I take MLC PSM and MLC ONS at the same time?

No, we would not recommend taking both MLC PSM and MLC ONS at the same time. The MLC ONS program builds number sense skills, which serve as a necessary foundation before the student moves to MLC PSM. 

When taking the two programs at the same grade level, they cover similar topics. However, MLC PSM delves deeper into the concepts by focusing on word problems, strengthening students’ abilities to use logical reasoning to solve questions. 

As such, students should start with MLC ONS and then progress to MLC PSM. Students can take MLC ONS in the first semester of their grade and MLC PSM in the second semester because their grade level will be the same for both programs.

What’s the criteria for taking the course?

If your child is new to MEK, they will need to take a MLC Evaluation Test, which assesses their skills based on Common Core State Standards. The test also helps place students into small groups of peers who are at similar levels to them. 

If the student scores below 50%, they will start with the MLC ONS program to build the number sense and calculation skills needed for success in MLC PSM. Students who score above 50% can skip MLC ONS and take MLC PSM.

If the student previously took a MLC ONS course for their grade level, they can progress into MLC PSM for the same grade level.

What does a typical class look like?

The MLC ONS courses prioritize practice so students can learn effectively. The class structure is below:

  • 30 minutes: Group review of homework and topic lecture
  • 10 minutes: Timed practice set 1
  • 20 minutes: Interactive review of Practice Set 1
  • 10 minutes: Timed assessment
  • 20 minutes: Assessment Review
  • HW: 1 cumulative exercise packet and 1 targeted practice packet on daily topic

What will my child learn during this class?

The specific content depends on the grade level of the course. Regardless of the core topics, the objective of every MLC ONS course is to teach students how to accurately and efficiently perform calculations. 

In the Grade 5 Standard ONS course for example, students will learn to perform decimal and fraction operations. They will become comfortable with graphs and converting between units, as well as with basic geometry topics such as shapes.

Below are examples of questions students will encounter:


  • Working with angles, lines, and shape vocabulary (Grade 5 ONS):


  • Ratios and number patterns (Grade 6 ONS):



  • Representation of numbers in bar graphs (Grade 5 ONS):

What are the benefits of MLC ONS?

By taking this program, your child will improve their computational accuracy, perform calculations faster and in more efficient steps, and improve their number sense. MLC ONS covers everything at the student’s grade level of the Common Core State Standards, thus further building on what they learn at school. Students will gain the strategies they need to excel in the classroom. 

The mathematical skill set students gain from this program gives them an advantage when it comes to the math sections on admissions tests. The BCA admissions test, SAT, and ACT all require test-takers to manage their limited time to answer many, often challenging problems.

Getting Started

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