MEK Review’s MLC Problem Solving Math

MEK Review’s MLC Problem Solving Math

MEK Review’s MLC Problem Solving Math

For 25 years, MEK has worked hard to create programs and develop curricula that speak to the needs of every child we serve. And we believe that the key to succeeding in rigorous high school courses and on difficult admissions exams is early preparation. Our MLC Problem Solving Math program provides challenging lessons that will give MEK students the skills to excel in the classroom and the tools to earn elite scores on tough high school admissions tests.

How can our MLC Problem Solving Math program set your child up for their academic future?

Read on to find out!

What is MLC Problem Solving Math?

MLC Problem Solving Math (PSM) is designed to help students better understand how to solve word problems. Students learn how to identify key words, set up equations, and interpret solutions. Expert instructors use step-by-step problem solving techniques to strengthen students’ logical reasoning skills through challenging word problems.

What is the difference between MLC-Standard and MLC-Enriched?

MLC-Standard and MLC-Enriched have similar curriculums and course objectives, but there are a few minor differences.

MLC-Enriched courses are offered in-person on MEK’s Closter Campus and are a great fit for students who struggle in the online classroom. Students get to work with their peers in a small group setting of 4 to 8 students. And teachers emphasize classroom, study, and communication skills.

Alternatively, MLC-Standard courses are offered virtually. These classes are perfect for students who are performing on grade level but are looking to master topics in core subject areas. And virtual classes mean that students have the flexibility to attend classes that work for their schedule.

Can I take MLC Problem Solving Math and MLC Operations and Number Sense at the same time?

Students cannot take MLC Problem Solving Math and MLC Operations and Number Sense at the same time.

Students must take MLC Operations and Number Sense before they take MLC Problem Solving Math as the courses build on one another. MLC Operations and Number Sense focuses on teaching students how to deduce the relationship between numbers, which is the essential foundation for MLC Problem Solving Math. 

What’s the criteria for taking the course?

If students are new to MEK, they must first take our MEK Learning Circles Evaluation Test. Any student scoring above a 50% on the MLC Evaluation Test in Math can register for MLC Problem Solving Math. 

Current MEK students who are looking to register for MLC Problem Solving Math must have previously taken MLC Operations and Number Sense of the same grade level as the MLC PSM course they want to take. Students must show consistent strong calculation and number sense skills in the MLC Operations and Number Sense class in order to move on to MLC PSM.

What does a typical class look like?

For students in MLC-Standard courses, students meet in small groups of 4 to 8 students for live, virtual classes once a week for 90 minutes.

Students in MLC-Enriched courses meet once a week for 90 minutes in small groups of 4 to 8 in-person on our Closter Campus.

The PSM Circles for students in MLC-Standard and Enriched use the following class structure:

  • 30 minutes: Group review of homework and topic lecture
  • 10 minutes: Classwork on the topic of the day
  • 20 minutes: Classwork Review
  • 10 minutes: Timed Assessment
  • 20 minutes: Assessment Review
  • HW: 1 cumulative exercise packet and 1 targeted practice packet on daily topic

What will my child learn during this class?

MLC PSM is all about preparing your child to answer challenging word problems with skill and precision. Students learn how to avoid unnecessary steps and mistakes when solving word problems as well as translate words into numbers in order to sharpen word problem comprehension skills.

Below are three examples of different types of word problems your child will solve in class:

  • Multi-step word problems involving addition and subtraction (Grade 4 PSM)

  • Multi-step word problems involving conversions (Grade 5 PSM)

  • Common demoninators

What are the benefits of this course?

MLC Problem Solving Math is a great complement to the traditional classroom. Students master problem solving techniques, word problem comprehension, and study skills that are the foundation for academic success. 

Our timed class assignments help students learn time management skills and prepare students for future challenging honors and AP courses and tough standardized tests.

Everything covered in our MLC PSM course is aligned with the Math Common Core State Standards. So, you can rest assured that your child is getting the support they need to excel in their classes at school.

Getting Started

Interested in enrolling your child in our MLC Problem Solving Math courses? Contact us today for a consultation and to schedule an MLC Evaluation Test!


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