New Addition to MEK Review’s MLC Writing Classes

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New Addition to MEK Review’s MLC Writing Classes

MEK Review’s MLC Writing

For 25 years, MEK has worked hard to create programs and develop curricula that speak to the needs of every child we serve. And we believe that the key to succeeding in rigorous high school courses and on difficult admissions exams is early preparation. Our MLC Writing program provides challenging lessons that will give MEK students the skills to excel in the classroom and the tools to earn elite scores on tough high school admissions tests.

How can our MLC Writing program set your child up for their academic future?

Read on to find out!

What is MLC Writing?

MLC Writing covers essay writing techniques and skills in accordance with each grade level of the Common Core State Standards. Students learn to brainstorm essay ideas according to given prompts and then revise their essays. The curriculum allows students to gain greater mastery of the skills they learned at school.

What is the difference between MLC-Standard and MLC-Enriched?

In terms of what content is covered, there isn’t much of a difference between the standard and enriched courses. However, the standard classes are offered only virtually, whereas the enriched classes are all in-person, on-site at MEK’s Closter campus. 

The virtual format of MLC Writing – Standard can accommodate more schedules of busy students. As such, the program is focused more on individual practice. It is ideal for students who want to delve deep into the fundamentals of essay writing.

Students who are burnt out from frequent online classes would find the in-person MLC Writing – Enriched program appealing. Since all the students are physically present in one classroom, there are frequent group activities. Thus, students learn not only from their teachers, but from their peers as well. 

Can I take MLC Critical Reading and MLC Writing at the same time? 

We would not recommend taking both programs at the same time. It is best to take MLC Writing first, which teaches your child the foundational essay writing and grammar skills needed for MLC Critical Reading. 

The MLC Critical Reading program does not teach students essay writing or grammar rules, but instead delves into more complex skills such as reading comprehension and text analysis. This is why high scores on essays in the MLC Writing program is essential for success in MLC Critical Reading.

What’s the criteria for taking the course?

As a first step, students who are new to MEK must take the MLC Evaluation Test. This assesses the student’s skills so that they can be placed into a group of students with similar skill levels as them, allowing for a more effective and personalized learning approach.

If the student scores below 60% in their evaluation test, they will be placed in MLC Writing to develop their essay writing skills. If they score above 60%, they are able to skip MLC Writing and take MLC Critical Reading. 

What does a typical class look like?

For students in the standard courses, students meet in small groups of 4-8 for virtual classes once a week for 90 minutes.

Students in the enriched courses meet once a week for 90 minutes in small groups of 4-8 in-person on our Closter Campus.

The Writing Circles programs follow an A Day/B Day schedule. A new addition to the course is the introduction of new writing prompts every class and the discontinuation of class time solely for revision. However, students will still be taught and actively practicing much needed revision skills.

Every class, students will be given a new writing prompt that they will work on during class and revise for homework based on feedback from the teacher and their peers. In this way, students will write double the amount of original essays, giving them, we believe, much needed practice and engaging them more highly. It also will make it easier for rolling admission students who register for the course after it has started. 

 The details are as follows for the structure of each day:

A Days:
  • Grammar Mini-Lesson and/or Exercise 
  • Brainstorm New Prompt
B Days:
  • Revision Activity: Teachers select a students’ essay, then display that essay (making it anonymous) and the feedback the student was given. Next, all students will practice rewriting aspects of that essay (e.g. the intro or the 3rd body paragraph, whatever the teacher designates), incorporating the feedback. Finally, students will share their revisions and receive feedback and critiques from their classmates and teacher. 
  • Brainstorm New Prompt

What will my child learn during this class?

Your child will learn how to write different types of essays, from persuasive to expository to narrative essays. They will learn how to adapt their voice, tone, and writing structure according to the essay type. These skills will help your child be steps ahead of others when it comes to admissions tests and the college application essay.

What are the benefits of MLC Writing?

MLC Writing helps students build on the skills they acquired in school to further excel at writing in their classes and beyond. 

The program teaches students to write 5-paragraph essays, which is an essay structure they will need to master for high school and college admissions tests. Students will gain confidence writing about a variety of topics.

Getting Started

Interested in enrolling your child in our MLC Writing courses? Contact us today for a consultation and to schedule an MLC Evaluation Test

Rachel Erwin

Rachel is the Dean of Faculty, in charge of teacher training and material development. She teaches College Test Prep, H.S. Test Prep, and College Application Essays. Within the English Department, she serves as a coordinator for the Exam Prep team, working diligently to ensure all students’ success. With her clear and systematic approach to teaching, she helps students make huge improvements.


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