MEK SAT Maintenance: Why It May Be for You

MEK SAT Maintenance: Why It May Be for You

MEK’s SAT Prep Program is divided into 5 different class levels: SAT Foundation, SAT 1400, SAT 1500, SAT 1600, and SAT Maintenance. Foundation, 1400, 1500, and 1600 are designed as one tiered program, where students can level up and down based on their progress. They are developed around the principle that students need to invest sufficient time and energy into their test prep process in order to make substantial improvement.

But what if you have already invested time and energy, and now want to make sure that you maintain what you have learned until your next official test?

Then SAT Maintenance is perfect for you.

SAT Maintenance is designed for students who may have already taken one or two official SAT tests and have a clear target test date and test score. As opposed to the other SAT classes, in which there is a minimum number of sessions you can enroll in, SAT Maintenance is not based on long commitment.

What does this mean?

This means that you can enroll in as many class sessions you need before your official exam! When you enroll in one class session, all you are committing to is the test session before the enrolled session and the class session itself.

Benefits of SAT Maintenance

Convenience & Flexibility

This is the #1 benefit of SAT Maintenance. You can schedule your test prep at the pace that you need, around any summer programs, internships, or vacations that you may have already planned.

Each class session is planned around the practice test that students take before the class. This means that each class session features a distinct lesson that is specific to that session and that practice test. So you won’t be missing anything by planning your SAT Maintenance sessions in nonconsecutive weeks!

Seamless Pairing with Tutoring

Students who enroll in SAT Maintenance may discover that they need a little more support to reach their target test score on their target test date. Our Private Test Prep Tutoring options integrate seamlessly with the SAT Maintenance class, so that our expert tutors can continue the lesson in their one-on-one sessions.

Ample Opportunities for Practice

The most important aspect of maintenance is practice, practice, practice. After all, the brain is a muscle, and without regular exercise, it becomes weak. With SAT Maintenance, students not only take weekly practice tests, but they also complete in-class exercises to ensure that they are getting the reinforcement they need to ace the next practice test and, eventually, the official test.

Get Started

The first step to getting started with any of our College Test Prep courses is an evaluation test. Sign up for one of our test events this month to start your journey to success! After the evaluation test, you will receive a detailed score report, which our expert counselors and teachers will analyze to find your strengths, weaknesses, and needs, and place you in the Maintenance course that corresponds to your score level.

Plus, get a 10% discount off Summer courses, when you sign up for one of our test events! This is a limited time opportunity, so make sure to claim your discount today by signing up!

Contact us to learn more!

Jaehee Ahn

Jaehee Ahn is MEK Review's Director of Academic Counseling Services and a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley. She is also an alumnus of MEK Review's SAT Prep program. If you have any questions about our College Counseling programs or wish to set up a consultation, you can email Jaehee at


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