MLC Through the Year | Road Map of MLC

MLC Through the Year | Road Map of MLC

The MEK Learning Circles are meant to be your child’s companion throughout the year. From the summer before 4th Grade to the spring of 8th Grade, there is always a course for every level of performance.

Below is a road map for you to plan for a full year of MLC! While it is designed primarily for students who are currently or have previously been enrolled in an MLC course, feel free to use it to find out how different performance levels will lead you down different paths.

Keep in mind that if your student is currently enrolled in an MLC course, you will receive their next course recommendation from our MLC Department following review of your student’s progress. This recommendation is the best and most accurate course recommendation. However, feel free to use the following road map as a reference for how your year of MLC will map out!

How to Use the Road Map

  1. Fill in your student’s name, grade, and following questions.

  2. If you have not been enrolled in an MLC course in the past 6 months, sign up for a Student Evaluation.

  3. Fill in the MLC course you were enrolled in most recently and the average grade you received for it. If you are currently enrolled in an MLC course and have not taken a Cumulative Test yet, please use your past assessments and homework grades as a reference.

  4. Once you fill in all of the fields, you will receive your English Course Recommendation for the next two semesters and your Math Course Recommendation for the next semester.

  5. Click “Receive Results by Email” to keep your results for your personal reference.


If you are currently taking an MLC course, you will have received your next course recommendation by Week 10 of the course. If you haven’t taken an MLC course yet, then take the first step to working with us: a free Student Evaluation to find out where you are versus where you want to be.

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We hope to hear from you soon!

Binal Patel

Binal is the Director of the MEK Learning Circles. Her many years of experience with students of all levels and extensive knowledge of Common Core State Standards makes her a powerful MLC leader. Her firm but patient manner yields high results among her students and helps her to reinforce the integrity of our MLC program among other teachers.


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