Mr. Ahn’s Perfect Circle: Problem of the Week

Mr. Ahn’s Perfect Circle: Problem of the Week

Mr. Ahn’s Perfect Circle: Problem of the Week

Do you enjoy solving word problems? You’ve come to right place!

Each week, Mr. Ahn’s Perfect Circle presents a math problem for students to solve. Just fill out the form below with your full name and email, read the word problem carefully, and submit your response. If you get 15 questions correct, you’ll receive a free MAPC trial class!

Test your math skills with this week’s word problem below!


About Mr. Ahn’s Perfect Circle

Mr. Ahn’s Perfect Circle is a class for high achieving math students in grades 6-7 looking to train for math competitions and higher math learning! Through Mr. Ahn’s Perfect Circle, students develop a deep understanding of math concepts, complete mini-competition work, and master new, effective methods for problem-solving.

This Spring, Mr. Ahn’s Perfect Circle is presenting several different math competitions hosted by MEK Review. Click here to learn more about each competition and how to register!

Interested in learning more about Mr. Ahn’s Perfect Circle? Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

Nicholas Lang

Nick is an enthusiastic teacher devoted to helping students reach their academic goals and enjoying learning along the way. He teaches School Support math and science tutoring, AP Chemistry, AP Calculus, AP Physics, and SAT Chemistry.


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