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MEK Review Launches New SAT Prep Courses for Spring 2020

New SAT Prep Courses Starting Early January 2020

MEK Review is excited to announce latest changes to one of our most popular college admissions prep programs!

Starting January 11, our SAT Prep program will launch with 4 revamped courses. Previously, our program offered 2 SAT Prep courses: SAT Basics and SAT Advanced. Now, we are taking the next step in tailoring our courses more specifically to students’ needs and respective score levels.

As we’ve grown rapidly over the past few years, our Exam Prep leaders saw a need to widen course options for our diverse, ever-increasing number of students. This way, students can find the perfect course for them, no matter their starting levels, needs, and ultimate goals.

Our new SAT courses include: 

  • SAT Foundation
  • SAT 1400
  • SAT 1500
  • SAT 1600

Here is a brief peek at each course:

SAT Foundation: Foundational Skill Building

This group course is tailored for students who score less than an 1150 on their initial evaluation (or less than 580 on the Reading/Writing or Math sections).

At this level, these students focus on building foundational test-taking skills and test content knowledge.

Our teachers will strengthen their core problem-solving, logical reasoning, and reading comprehension skills, while also teaching them effective and essential study habits to quickly boost their score.

Students in this score range can often struggle to retain knowledge or study independently. To emphasize these important skills, and maximize results as quickly as possible, students meet twice a week, rather than just once.

This course is also perfect for students who score really high in one area (such as the Math section), but very low in another (such as the Reading and Writing section).

These students can start in SAT Foundation, focusing on their areas of struggle to quickly boost their scores before joining the SAT 1400 or SAT 1500 class!

The course is 8 weeks, and 16 sessions. However, after 4 weeks, if students meet their exit requirements, they can graduate early to SAT 1400.

Exit requirements include scoring at a certain level on vocabulary quizzes, mini-SAT tests, and homework, as well as a teacher’s individual assessment.

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SAT 1400: Test Training

This group course is tailored for students who are currently scoring a minimum of 1200 on their SAT evaluations (or minimum 600 on the Math and 580 on the Reading/Writing sections), and have a target score of 1400 or higher!

Scoring a 1400 puts a student in the top 5-10% of test-takers nationwide and opens the doors to very competitive colleges and scholarship opportunities.

To help these students make big jumps in their score as efficiently as possible, teachers will focus on 3 essentials for acing the SAT:

  • Mastering test topics
  • Learning proven strategies and content-related skills
  • Test-taking skills

Students will take a full-length test in a realistic test environment to boost time management skills, improve mental endurance, and become very familiar with the SAT format and content.

Students will then meet with a teacher to learn the ins-and-outs of question types, passage types, and common misleading answer choices to be able to answer questions accurately and efficiently.

They will then reinforce those skills throughout the week with SAT-aligned homework.

The length of sessions will vary depending upon a student’s test date and target score, but we recommend 20 sessions for maximum improvement, and a minimum of 10 sessions.

SAT 1500: Test Training

SAT 1500 is a group course designed for top-performing students who are currently scoring a minimum of 1300 on their SAT evaluation (or minimum 650 on the Math and Reading/Writing sections), and have a target score of 1500 or higher!

Scoring over 1500 places a student in the top 1-2% of test-takers nationwide and boosts admission chances at the most elite of colleges.

Similar to SAT 1400, this course focuses on:

  • Mastering test topics
  • Learning proven strategies and content-related skills
  • Test-taking skills

Each session consists of a full-length simulation test followed by review with an expert teacher.

However, in SAT 1500, students will take their skills to the next level by learning proven techniques for tackling the most difficult SAT questions, creating habits that eliminate careless mistakes, and mastering the mental toughness and mindset that is needed to handle SAT tests of varying difficulty levels.

They will then reinforce those skills throughout the week with SAT-aligned homework.

The length of sessions will vary depending upon a student’s test date and target score, but we recommend 20 sessions for maximum improvement, and a minimum of 10 sessions.

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SAT 1600: Getting Into Ivy League

This highly intensive, smaller group course is designed for students who wish to open the door to Ivy League and top 10 schools by taking their score from elite to perfect!

To enter this course, a student must have already scored a 1500 on an official SAT. They must also have a top GPA.

Similarly to SAT 1400 and SAT 1500, students will take a full-length simulation test and meet with a teacher for expert review.

However, the course will be faster-paced and focused mainly on showing students the habits, techniques, and test-taking mindset needed to go from missing a handful of questions to missing no questions, no matter the difficulty level of an individual test or section.

Students at this level have already mastered test topics and have strong test-taking skills. However, to score a perfect score, students must know the SAT format, content, and strategies on a more advanced level. They must be able to think like a test-maker, and understand more deeply the habits and mental toughness needed to earn a perfect score.

This number of sessions varies, but students must take a minimum of 6 sessions before their target test date.

What Our SAT Prep Courses Share in Common

In every course, students can expect to learn SAT content, proven strategies, and most importantly, test-taking skills.

They will all receive instruction from our expert teachers in an intensive boot camp atmosphere that requires students to challenge themselves and stretch their abilities. They will also all work from practice tests, homework, drills, and mini-tests that are closely SAT-aligned.

They will all benefit from being in a group atmosphere, which our years of experience has shown us helps students boost their score more quickly as they learn from one another, engage in friendly competition, and feel more energy and consistent motivation from being surrounded by peers working towards the same common goal.

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Why Different Levels of SAT Prep Work

So why the 4 different levels?

At MEK Review, we don’t believe one-size-fits all. If we have 3 students — one who is scoring 1050, another scoring 1260, and another who is scoring 1420 — each of the 3 students has different goals, needs, and obstacles to overcome.

If you put all 3 in a classroom together, more often than not, they may encounter certain challenges specific to their needs. The course may be paced too slow or too fast for one student, and the techniques too advanced or basic for another.

That’s why it’s our mission to match students with the course required to improve their scores as quickly as possible.

Each of our 4 new SAT Prep courses is specifically tailored to help eliminate the biggest weaknesses or obstacles for students in a certain score range. Once they have mastered a certain level, they have the readily available options to continue without delay to the next level, so they are constantly being challenged, motivated, and reinvigorated to reach their full potential.

At each milestone, students will be taught at a level and pace highly specific to their needs, leading to more effective and quick improvements!

Getting Started

Explore our SAT Prep program and learn more about our courses, tools, and schedule!

You can also take the first important step towards hitting your SAT target goal by signing up for one of our FREE SAT practice tests and downloading our FREE SAT Prep checklist.

We can’t wait to help you reach your goals!

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