Planning Your Summer of Success with MEK

Planning Your Summer of Success with MEK

The summer is an essential time for students to grow: both academically and physically. While many parents will think of the summer as a time to recharge for the next academic year, the truth comes down to simple numbers.

The average school year is approximately 165 days, and the average summer break is 84 days. That means summer break is nearly half a school year! When you consider how much your child learns and grows in a semester, it becomes clear that summer break is very long! Summer break is too long to just be a time to recharge. We can even see this in our children, who ache for summer break but often become bored halfway through.

Plan your child’s Summer of Success with MEK’s virtual and proven summer courses:

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Join us for our Design Your Summer Event and make this your child’s summer of success! You’ll learn all about how to use MEK’s 40 Month Project to optimize your child’s academic year. Plus, we’re offering a live Q&A and Meet and Greet with our expert teachers, consultations with our counseling team and department directors, big discounts on registration when you sign up for courses the day of the event, and so much more!

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No matter what your goal is, MEK has a summer plan ready for you! Contact us TODAY to get started!

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