Recap: MEK’s Build Your Dream Workshop Info Sessions

Recap: MEK’s Build Your Dream Workshop Info Sessions

MEK hosted our Build Your Dream Workshop, Saturday, April 20th at the Clinton Inn in Tenafly, NJ.

Throughout the day, we hosted a variety of seminars for parents and students focused on BCA Prep and High School Admissions, our 40 Month Project for College success, and info sessions for parents and students about the college application process. We even hosted mock BCA/BT exams for students to get a feel for the test!

Attendance was fantastic! 

  • 276 attendees in total
  • 148 people attended our BCA/BT Workshops
  • 61 people attended our 40 Months to College Admissions Success Workshop
  • 67 people attended our College 101 Parent and Student Seminar

Missed the Event?

We were excited to share our decades worth of knowledge about the high school and college admissions process with parents and students to prepare them for the coming year and set them up with a plan for success.

Check out our detailed recaps to get all the information to create your own plan for success!

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