SAT Success: Foreign Exchange to Cornell

Meet Zoey, one of MEK’s proudest success stories. Zoey was a foreign exchange student from Japan. She was recently accepted to Cornell University, where she will attend this fall.

One of the most valuable parts of MEK’s program was its strengths in its teachers who knew how to score SAT’s well. My math teacher showed the easiest and least time-consuming routes in solving problems; my writing teacher taught me how to effectively write the SAT essays; and my critical-reading teacher drilled techniques to always keep in mind, such as note-taking while reading the passages.  

However, simply going to classes will not improve your score; you have to put all your energy, determination and concentration into SAT prep at MEK and at home. I would ask the teachers questions after the classes if I could not understand something. For example, during the beginning half of the program, I did not fully understand how to write a top-notch SAT essay, as it has its own structure and requirements. I wrote extra essays at home and discussed them with my writing teacher after class. Gradually, my scores improved and by the second half, I was able to receive fives and sixes consistently. 
MEK helped increase my score because the teachers and Mrs. Ahn were so willing to help me achieve my goals. I understood the importance of the SATs so I studied by myself at MEK after lunch to work on extra problems.
When you pack your bag for MEK’s SAT preparation courses, don’t forget to pack your diligence!
– Zoey


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