MEK Review English teacher Rachel Erwin and Math teacher Pranav Gupta show parents the best test for their child.

SAT vs ACT: Why One Meeting with our Teachers Changes Everything

Many students decide to take the SAT or ACT based on arbitrary reasons or faulty information such as:

  • I heard the ACT was easier
  • All my friends are taking the SAT.
  • I’ve already taken a practice ACT, so I guess that’s the test I’ll prepare for.
  • I’ve already taken an official SAT. I didn’t do well, but I should probably just stick to that test.
  • I heard colleges like the SAT/ACT better.


None of the above are good reasons for choosing to prepare for one test over the other.

Colleges highly consider your test scores whether they are SAT scores or ACT scores. So choosing the right test for yourself is an important decision. In the end, there is only one factor that should matter:

In which test can I score the highest?

That’s where MEK Review come in.

Math Exam Prep Teacher Mr. Gupta and English Exam Prep Teacher Ms. Erwin Working With StudentBased on years of experience, our expert teachers can show students and parents which test is the best fit for them based on a combination of their detailed score report, goals, school grades, and time constraints.

Our teachers also provide students and parents a test prep plan that will guarantee success!

Meeting Success

After meeting with MEK teachers, we’ve noticed two patterns in the feedback we received from parents:

  • Increased Parent Confidence: “We felt unsure about which test our child should prep for, but after meeting with MEK teachers, it makes perfect sense.”
  • Boosted Student Motivation: “At first, my child felt discouraged. After the meeting however, she left feeling much more motivated, optimistic and confident about reaching her test score goals.”


After a consultation, parents have much more knowledge about the SAT/ACT tests, which test is the best fit for their child and why, and how their child can successfully prepare for college admission tests.

Furthermore, students leave feeling positive that no matter their starting point, they can reach their goals with our expert plan.

Jacob’s Story

One student in particular is a great example of just a few of the benefits of meeting with MEK teachers.

Jacob took a practice SAT and ACT with MEK Review last week.

He felt very disheartened and stressed out by his initial score. It was much lower than he anticipated. He was so frustrated that he didn’t even want to follow through on his scheduled teacher meeting because he felt embarrassed to discuss his results!

Luckily, in the end, Jacob’s mother and he attended the meeting.

During the meeting with our English teacher Rachel Erwin and Math teacher Pranav Gupta, Jacob’s entire perspective changed. Our teachers encouraged Jacob. They showed him why he struggled and how he could fix it. He realized that low scores weren’t the end of the world — with a solid plan, guidance, and target goals, he could turn things around.

Jacob pledged to dedicate 6 weeks to Summer SAT Prep with MEK Review.

Jacob’s mother told our counselors that he had started the meeting stressed and frustrated and left the meeting with a new sense of confidence, optimism and empowerment.

All because of a short – and free!- meeting.

Your Turn

Let Jacob’s story be your story!

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