Spring 2021 High School Honors Course

Spring 2021 High School Honors Course

Spring 2021 High School Honors Course: Transform Your Child’s Academic Track

Traditionally, MEK’s spring and summer High School Honors courses have taught students the core skills and knowledge they need to ace upcoming honors courses in the fall semester.

But MEK is always creating innovative solutions that answer the problems and needs of our students right now.

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the major changes and disruptions to students’ typical school year, our Spring 2021 HS Honors Courses have been specifically designed to help students fill in the academic gaps that the pandemic has unfortunately created.

Obstacles Students Are Currently Facing

Throughout the Fall 2020 semester, here are some common problems and concerns, we’ve heard from students:

Class Time:
“I get much less actual class-time with my teacher.”
“I have more homework assignments, but I’m still struggling to fully master the skills.”

Test Prep:
“I’m getting an A or B in the class, but I’m not sure if I understand the concepts well enough to do well on future AP/SAT Subject tests or AP/IB/honors classes.”

Midterms & Finals:
“My homework scores are pretty good, but I’m worried about my midterm and finals. I’m not sure I really have the information down cold.”

“I don’t have a textbook this year, so I find studying or reviewing past materials more difficult.”


Schools and teachers are making heroic efforts to overcome the limitations of virtual learning. But even in the best of circumstances, students who want to be top performers often need additional help to thoroughly master complex mathematical, scientific, or language concepts.

The disruptions of the pandemic have only heightened this need.

Enter MEK’s Spring 2021 High School Honors Courses!

MEK 2021 High School Honors Courses

Here are the High School Honors Courses for Spring 2021:

  • Advanced English
  • Analysis I
  • Algebra II
  • Geometry
  • Pre-Calculus

Course Details

Class Time:
Students and their teacher meet once a week in a virtual Zoom setting for 90 minutes.
Class Size:
Class sizes are limited to ensure an interactive experience with individualized attention for each student. (Class maximum size is 15 students, but often the size is more around 10 students per class.)
There are 20 total sessions broken into two distinct 10-session phases: Phase I & Phase II. Students may register for both sessions or just one depending upon their needs.

Phase I

Start Dates: January 26th-28th

Sessions: 10

All students will complete an initial evaluation before beginning Phase I. This evaluation will determine their current skill level and mastery of concepts related to their current math class (or for Adv. English course, their current language arts skill level). This will allow for students to be placed in small group classes that will fit their needs.

During Phase I, students will thoroughly review the concepts and skills for their subject. They will get a chance to fill in any gaps in their current understanding and comprehensively master key skills.

Phase II

Start Dates: April 13th-15th

Sessions: 10

After a one-week Spring Break, Phase II will begin. This phase will focus on test-taking skills and preparing students to ace their midterms and finals.

Note: Students can only join HS Honors Courses at the start of Phase I or Phase II. They cannot register once the phases have begun.

Key Benefits of Spring 2021 High School Honors Courses

Students get more time with an expert teacher to learn concepts, complete guided practice, and get answers to all their questions.
Since many students this year have more assignments from school, the course is not homework-heavy. It consists largely of 90 minutes of intensive lecture and in-class drills with additional exercises provided if requested or needed by the individual student.
The course gives students the foundation necessary to succeed on future AP and SAT Subject tests in the same subject.
Students thoroughly master the core concepts and learn to thrive in their school class.

Who Should Enroll in this Course

  • Students who are getting A’s or B’s in their current class
  • Students who want to excel in the classroom and on standardized tests
  • Students who are planning to take advanced and challenging honors courses or college admission tests in the future

Here are some examples that may be helpful for current or new students:

Student Grade

ScenarioHS Honors Course Recommendation
8th gradeCompleted SSAT/ISEE/BCA Prep at MEK Review
Successfully completed any high school admissions test prep outside of MEK Review
Advanced English
8th gradeIn MEK’s BCA Prep HH, A, or B course and is currently in Honors Algebra course at schoolAnalysis I
8th - 10th gradeA’s or B’s in current Algebra II classAlgebra II
8th - 10th gradeA’s or B’s in current Geometry classGeometry
9th - 10th gradeA’s or B’s in current Pre-Calculus ClassPre-Calcluus

Still not sure which course is the best fit for you? Meet with our counselors for a free phone or virtual consultation. They’ll help you map out an individualized and expert plan!

Who Should NOT Enroll in this Course

Students who are struggling to pass in their current class:
Check out our School Support Tutoring programs instead!
Students currently placed in our BCA Prep C course:

Register and Save $$!

To register for our HS Honors Course call 855-346-1410 or contact us here today.

For current and returning 2020 students, if you register by 12/19/20, you’ll receive a 20% discount!

For all students, register by 1/15/21 to receive a 10% discount!

All students will complete a virtual evaluation between January 12 and January 16, prior to the first day of classes.

Seats are limited, so hurry and save yours today!


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