Spring 2024 H.S Honors Courses: Strive for Excellence

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Spring 2024 H.S Honors Courses: Strive for Excellence

MEK is focused on our High School Honors courses this Spring. These classes are designed to help students in grades 8-10 who are currently enrolled in Pre-Calculus, Algebra II, or Geometry take their skills to the next level. With our Spring 2024 High School Honors course offerings, we want to provide students with the opportunity to master key concepts in their challenging classes. It’s our mission to have our students excel in the classroom and beyond.

MEK 2024 High School Honors Courses

Here are the High School Honors Courses for Spring 2024:

    • Algebra II (Virtual and In-Person at Palisades Park & Closter Campuses)
    • Geometry (Virtual and In-Person at Closter Campus)
    • Pre-Calculus (Virtual and In-Person at Closter Campus)

Course Details

Class Time:

Students will meet weekly with their teacher virtually or in person at one of our campuses for 90 minutes.

Class Size:(TBD)

Class sizes are kept small to ensure an interactive, and engaging experience with individualized attention for each student. (*Class sizes for virtual and in-person have not been determined.)


For students enrolled in Pre-Calculus, Geometry, and Algebra II, there are 20 sessions starting at the end of January. 

Key Benefits of Spring 2024 High School Honors Courses

  • Smaller Class Sizes

Smaller classes mean students get more time with our experienced teachers to ensure no question goes unanswered.

  • Less Homework

We’ve designed our courses with your child’s traditional schooling in mind which means expect less homework. We’ve curated our classes to exist largely in 90-minute sessions. In those sessions, you can expect intensive lectures, in-class drills, and additional exercises provided if requested or needed by the individual student. 

  • Preparation for Advanced Placement Courses and Exams

Our courses provide students with the foundation necessary to succeed in future AP exams and beyond.

  • A Specialized Curriculum

Through our curated curriculum, students learn to master core concepts allowing them to think critically and thrive in the classroom

Who Should Enroll in this Course

  • Students with a thirst for knowledge, who want to excel not only in the classroom but also on their standardized tests.
  • Students that intend to challenge themselves by taking advanced courses and college admissions exams in the future.

Still not convinced? Meet with our counselors for a free phone or virtual consultation. They’ll help you map out an individualized and expert plan!

Who Should NOT Enroll in this Course

  • Students who are struggling to pass in their current classes should check out our School Support Tutoring programs instead!
  • Students who are currently in these courses and are finding them very easy should check out our Academic Enrichment Tutoring instead!

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