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Student of the Week: Sai Charmitha

Student of the Week

Each of the 7 weeks of summer, MEK Review teachers nominate a student to be awarded Student of the Week. This student is chosen due to his or her amazing performance, inspiring improvement, or great attitude in our Summer courses.

For Week 7, our teachers nominated Sai Charmitha from our High School Honors Math and Science Courses!

Meet Charmitha

Sai Charmitha, Incoming BCA Freshman & Math and Science High School Honors MEK StudentAs an incoming freshmen for Bergen County Academies, Sai Charmitha has been working hard in our Summer Honors Algebra 2, Physics, and Chemistry class. Throughout the summer, she has shown dedication, a natural love of learning, and an amazing attitude.

When she’s not learning all about math and science, Charmitha puts her analytical skills to playing chess. She also explores her artistic side by playing piano, sketching, painting, and folding orgiami.

We are so impressed by her drive and diverse skills!

Quote from Charmitha:

“My teachers are very helpful and always take the time to make sure that their students have a thorough understanding of the subjects. This class has helped me understand basic scientific principles, but also taught me a little about managing time and taking my studies into my own hands by reaching out to teachers when I feel the need to.”

Quote from Charmitha’s parents:

“I’m so glad this course has helped my child prepare for the next year. My child has a very solid grasp on these subjects, so she will be able to get ahead and stay ahead in school.”

Quote from Charmitha’s teachers:

“Charmitha always maintains a positive attitude in the classroom. She is very punctual and will make sure to complete all necessary assignments. The best qualities in a student include curiosity to learn, positive attitude, and constant willingness to get better. I see these characteristics in Charmitha and it has been a pleasure having her in my class.”

– Minny Jeong, Honors Chemistry teacher

“One of the most impressive things about Charmitha is her organization. She approaches all questions carefully and methodically and rarely gets discouraged.”

– Paul Lee, Honors Physics teacher

Way to go, Charmitha!

We’re so proud of our hardworking Student of the Week. We can’t wait to see what you’ll accomplish next!


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