Student of the Week: Sofiya

Student of the Week

Each of the 7 weeks of summer, MEK Review teachers nominate a student to be awarded Student of the Week. This student is chosen due to his or her amazing performance, inspiring improvement, or great attitude in our Summer courses.

For Week 2, our teachers nominated Sofiya from Closter Campus’s Exam Prep 8 course!

Meet Sofiya

Sofiya was nominated by her teachers because of her high level of engagement and strong performance in class!

Two of Sofiya’s favorite hobbies are reading and writing, and she has enjoyed boosting her vocabulary over the summer.

Quote from Sofiya:

“This class has helped me with my writing skills, reading comprehension skills, and math skills. I learned to never give up even when I make a mistake.”

Quote from Sofiya’s parents:

“I like how my daughter improved in her studies and the dedication of the teachers. Thank you to all teachers for their hard work!”

Quote from Sofiya’s teachers:

“Sofiya is very dedicated and always willing to participate. She is the right person to ask for an answer whenever we encounter a difficult and challenging question.”

Ethan Kim, Quantitative Reasoning Teacher

“Sofiya always readily participates in class, received a perfect 100 on her vocabulary quiz last week, and has shown good improvement on her homework.”

– Rachel Erwin, Verbal & Reading Teacher

“Sofiya is dedicated towards problem solving, even when handling challenging questions. Her engagement in class is also excellent!”

-Pranav Gupta, Problem Solving Math Teacher

“During these past two weeks, Sofiya has had outstanding class participation. Whenever I pose a question to the class, her hand is always one of the first to go up, demonstrating her eagerness to learn and willingness to enlighten her peers. ”

– Chris Cullen, Narrative Teacher

Way to go, Sofiya!

We’re so proud of our hardworking Student of the Week and can’t wait to see what you’ll accomplish next.

Katie Weisman

Katie Weisman is a driven, dedicated English teacher at MEK Review, who leads group test prep classes, as well as one-on-one sessions with students. Her passion for teaching, in-depth knowledge of test content, and use of our systematic approach to test preparation helps her guide students to high test scores, strong writing skills and their full potential.


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