Summer 2019: Explore Week 1 with MEK Review

Summer 2019 – Week 1

At MEK Review, we went into this summer with one mission:

To change a student’s future in 7 weeks.

And we promised to keep parents informed every step of the way. Over the next two months, we’ll post newsletters to recap all the big highlights of our summer program, starting with our first week!

Scoring staff and MEK Labs teacher excited for Week 1!


Week 1 Focus

Check out what students took away from their first week of classes.

1. Getting Started

During week 1, we focus on helping our students learn procedure, rules, schedules, and syllabus, so from week to week, they have a crystal clear idea of what they will be working on and what is expected.

Our students got up to speed on:

  • Homework required for every class
  • Grades, milestones, and score expectations
  • Class rules
  • How to use Student ID for checking grades online
  • Make-up and absence rules

General manager Dina Jeong helps her staff check in students on the first day of summer.

2. Commitment

All summer, MEK teachers will set a major focus every week that they emphasize in every session to all students. Week 1’s focus was “commitment.” Teachers encouraged students to understand the overall process of summer and quickly “buy in” to MEK’s dedicated methods, so they can make big improvements, fast!

3. Strategy

From day 1, students started learning strategies that will help them earn better test or performance results. Exam Prep students also started familiarizing themselves with the topics covered on each section of the test.

Week 2 Highlights

Check out some big moments from just a few of our programs!

Non-Fiction Reading

Students learned about how pollution is affecting Mt. Everest through 3 critical non-fiction reading passages for our Non-Fiction Reading class. They also learned their first strategies and tips for creating a stellar presentation.

Exam Prep 8

Students learned how to analyze poetry and complete challenging analogies, in our special Exam Prep 8 class. They also learned how to craft strong introductions and “show, not tell” on narrative prompts. For math, they began practicing more efficient problem-solving techniques.

College Test Prep

SAT and ACT Advanced students in our College Test Prep courses hit the ground running with 2-3 full-length practice tests followed by expert review. SAT and ACT Basics students started tackling important grammar rules, reading strategies, and problem-solving techniques to boost their test knowledge and skill level. PSAT Core students learned how to analyze rhetorical devices for the SAT Essay.

Way to go to these top scorers for Friday’s full-length test! 

SAT Advanced : Michelle L. – 1540 

ACT Advanced: Wilbert J. – 35

Resource of the Week

All week, we’ve been talking to ALL of our students, across ALL grades, about how important vocabulary is for classroom and test score success. That’s why we advised them to read our latest blog article:

10 Secrets for Expanding Your Vocabulary Quickly!

Student of the Week

Every week, teachers selected a student that has inspired them with his or her attitude, improvement, or results.

Meet Basak Y.

SAT Basics at Palisades Park

Basak is a new MEK Review student who started this summer off in our SAT Basics class. She was nominated by her teachers for Student of the Week because of her strong dedication and mindset. 

Having moved to Turkey only a month ago, Basak inspired all of us with her hard work and persistence. She was top of her class in Turkey, and we have a feeling, she’ll soon be top of her class in New Jersey!

Basak says: “This week, I found it most helpful to learn the punctuation rules in my writing class. My ultimate goal is to earn a 1400 by the October SAT!”

Quotes from Basak’s Teachers

“All week long Basak has been an all-star student. Even though she has struggled with some of the language, she has asked questions, participated in class, and worked hard to do her best. I know she will continue to improve if she keeps up this level of effort!”
— Ashley Dorian, SAT Writing Teacher
“Basak comes to class ready to work and to learn. She doesn’t let anything get in her way!”
— Katie Weisman, SAT Reading Teacher
“Basak demonstrates strong motivation and strong math skills. She is determined to use class to not only boost her math knowledge, but to improve her English vocabulary as well!”  
Matthew Olive, SAT Math Teacher

Teacher of the Week

Every week, we also pick a teacher who has amazed us with their dedication to their students. This week we chose:

Meet Tony Kim

Director of Exam Prep

We chose to spotlight student and staff favorite Tony Kim as our Teacher of the Week!

Tony teaches SAT, ACT, SAT Subject and Exam Prep 8 math at Palisades Park, while overseeing the entire Exam Prep program.

How does he do it all? 

With an infectious optimism and ambition that leave us impressed and motivated to reach our best!

Quotes from Tony Kim’s students:

“Mr. Tony is motivating and tough, but very funny as well. He’s the kind of teacher who doesn’t hesitate to meet a student halfway.” Anaya R.

“I like that Mr. Tony really encourages everybody to ask questions, even in such a large group. I always have all my questions answered, completely.” Joseph C.

“I like how straightforward his class is. He shows us a certain way to do a problem, and then shows us an easier or quicker way.” Jordan L.

“He is a man who is passionate about his job and patient with his students. He always says he loves us despite our silly mistakes, and it is evident through his teaching. As his student, I feel confident that I can achieve my goal.” Amy K. 

Next Up

Keep a look out for our next summer newsletter as our students start to make huge improvements!

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