Week Four Digital SAT Newsletter from Tony Kim and the MEK Team

Week Four Digital SAT Newsletter from Tony Kim and the MEK Team

Week Four Digital SAT Newsletter from Tony Kim and the MEK Team

Tony Kim,  February 1st, 2024 – Digital SAT Newsletter

The March Digital SAT is fast approaching, and we’ve been keeping count of the days (and practice tests) left before exam day.

The Official Digital SAT test dates COUNT DOWN!

  • 37 days until the March Test (March 9th, 2024)
  • 93 days until the May Test (May 4th, 2024)
  • 121 days until the June Test (June 1st, 2024)

How many Digital SAT Practice Tests will MEK students take before the March, May, and June tests?

Digital SAT Practice Tests for MEK students COUNT DOWN!

  • 5 full length Digital SAT Practice Tests until the March Test
  • 13 full length Digital SAT Practice Tests until the May Test
  • 17 full length Digital SAT Practice Tests until the June Test

There is still time to register for our SAT Prep courses if you are planning on taking the Digital SAT in March, but only until Saturday, February 3rd. You can click here to begin the registration process!

Week Four of SAT Prep

With the first official Digital SAT test date right around the corner, I asked our SAT teachers their tips for making the most of the next five weeks before exam day.

Read on to see what they had to say!

Chris Cullen – Exam Prep English Teacher

SAT English Tip: Develop effective study habits by starting with “micro” habits

Developing effective study habits is key to doing well on the SAT. By regularly reviewing and reinforcing the skills and strategies you learn, you will retain them for the long-term.

Key tips for developing study habits are:

Spend 5-15 minutes a day working on your problem areas.

  • To start small with “micro” habits, spending anywhere from five to fifteen minutes per day honing in on problem areas via class notes, homework assignments, tests, and other resources. And then build from there.

Redo incorrect test and homework questions.

  • Redo incorrect test and homework questions to better understand why you made the mistake so you don’t make it again.

Be consistent.

  • Like anything else in life, success comes with consistency, and when applied to the SAT, consistency will allow you to achieve mastery, which, ultimately, will result in optimal test scores.

Demir Redoncic – Exam Prep Math Teacher

SAT Math Tip: Learn from your mistakes.

In order to improve and grow in any aspect of life, you must understand that success is a function of learning from your failures (math pun).

Throughout this SAT journey many mistakes will be made and more often than not you will feel discouraged and unmotivated. You must accept these mistakes as they come and try your best to persevere through the challenges.

While studying your mistakes it is crucial to go through this 4-step thought process:

Recall what you were thinking while answering the question.

  • Why did I choose this answer for the problem? You must be able to recall your reasoning and thought process, even if it was an educated guess WHY did you make that guess?

Explain why the answer you chose was incorrect.

  • Why is the answer wrong? Make sure you’re able to mathematically justify and explain why that particular answer choice is incorrect.

Redo the problem without the help of your notes.

  • Rework the problem on your own. Try not to use the notes or the worked out teacher solution instead, try to come to the answer independently.

Think about ways to not make the same mistake.

  • Ask yourself, “How can I avoid making this mistake again?” Then, work through different ways to ensure you stay consistent.


Learning is a self-reflective process and analyzing your mistakes is necessary in order to improve. 

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