Week Three Digital SAT Newsletter from Tony Kim and the MEK Team

Week Three Digital SAT Newsletter from Tony Kim and the MEK Team

Week Three Digital SAT Newsletter from Tony Kim and the MEK Team

Tony Kim,  January 25thth, 2024 – Digital SAT Newsletter

There are only six weeks left until the first official Digital SAT! And we are thick into the countdown!

The Official Digital SAT test dates COUNT DOWN!

  • 44 days until the March Test (March 9th, 2024)
  • 100 days until the May Test (May 4th, 2024)
  • 128 days until the June Test (June 1st, 2024)

How many Digital SAT Practice Tests will MEK students take before the March, May, and June tests?

Digital SAT Practice Tests for MEK students COUNT DOWN!

  • 6 full length Digital SAT Practice Tests until the March Test
  • 14 full length Digital SAT Practice Tests until the May Test
  • 18 full length Digital SAT Practice Tests until the June Test

There is still time to register for our SAT Prep courses if you are planning on taking the Digital SAT in March, but only until February 1st. You can click here to begin the registration process!

Week Three of SAT Prep

With the first official Digital SAT test date right around the corner, I asked our SAT teachers their tips for making the most of the next six weeks before exam day.

Read on to see what they had to say!

Rachel-ErwinRachel Erwin – Dean of Faculty, Exam Prep English Teacher

SAT English Tip: Create a consistent study plan for vocabulary!

“One of the best things students can do at this time for English is to create a consistent study plan for vocabulary. Vocabulary plays a more significant role in this version of SAT than in the previous version. Genuine vocabulary acquisition and growth take time, so 44 days out or 100 days out, is a good time to create this study plan and start sticking to it, in order to make the kind of gains necessary to significantly affect their scores”

Mr. Pranav GuptaAssistant Dean of Studies, Exam Prep Math Teacher

SAT Math Tips

The four best tips for getting the most out of your next six weeks of study time are to:

Reflect on your mistakes from the previous class.

  • Review your notes and tests
  • Make connections between your initial approach and the problem-solving strategies taught by your teachers.

Practice new habits consistently.

  • Use your homework as an opportunity to practice the new habits you’re building

Apply what you learned in class to an actual test.  

  • Identify strategies for problem-solving that work
  • Use those strategies when taking practice tests

Use your weekly lectures to strengthen your practice.

  • Take advantage of your weekly lectures to troubleshoot your mistakes, application of strategies to problems, anything you are unclear about, etc.,

Do not keep practicing the same incorrect ways of solving problems over and over! You will only become better at doing something inefficiently.

Repeat the process.

These 4 steps are the key to ensuring that students not only improve the areas in which they are struggling, but also start solving problems in a way that allows them to be more accurate and efficient.

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