Week Two Digital SAT Newsletter from Tony Kim and the MEK Team

Week Two Digital SAT Newsletter from Tony Kim and the MEK Team

Week Two Digital SAT Newsletter from Tony Kim and the MEK Team

Tony Kim,  January 18thth, 2024

Our SAT Prep courses are in full swing as is the count down to the first ever Digital SAT this March!

The Official Digital SAT test dates COUNT DOWN!

  • 51 days until the March Test (March 9th, 2024)
  • 107 days until the May Test (May 4th, 2024)
  • 135 days until the June Test (June 1st, 2024)

How many Digital SAT Practice Tests will MEK students take before the March, May, and June tests?

Digital SAT Practice Tests for MEK students COUNT DOWN!

  • 7 full length Digital SAT Practice Tests until the March Test
  • 15 full length Digital SAT Practice Tests until the May Test
  • 19 full length Digital SAT Practice Tests until the June Test

There is still time to register for our SAT Prep courses if you are planning on taking the Digital SAT in March, and we’re currently offering a 10% discount on SAT Prep when you register by January 24th. You can click here to begin the registration process!

Week Two of SAT Prep

While we are still in the early days of our SAT Prep coursework, I want to provide some insights into the following topics:

  • Progress of our current MEK students based on their Digital SAT practice test scores
  • Score projection for official test dates by our MEK students, backed by extensive data and professional expertise in the field


In just one week since our students commenced preparation for the Digital SAT, the data may not fully reflect the extent of content mastery. However, it does indicate an increased comfort level with the digital format of the SAT.

This is particularly significant, as “familiarity” holds great importance in all exam preparation process, especially for the SAT. Below is a chart comparing the average Digital SAT scores for MEK students from week 1 to week 2.

Score Projection

Based on students’ initial scores in week one and improved score week two, we are able to calculate score projections for each of the 2024 Digital SAT Test Dates. Take a look at the Score Projection by different initial scores:

Student A, initial score of E570 M580 = 1150

        • March test projection E620 M620 = 1240 (~90 points jump)
        • May test projection E660 M690 = 1350 (~200 points jump)
        • June test projection E690 M730 = 1420 (~270 points jump)

Student B, initial score of E620 M650 = 1270

          • March test projection E650 M700 = 1350 (~80 points jump)
          • May test projection E690 M740 = 1430 (~160 points jump)
          • June test projection E720 M780 = 1500 (~230 points jump)

Student C, initial score of E680 M700 = 1380

        • March test projection E710 M740 = 1450 (~70 points jump)
        • May test projection E740 M770 = 1510 (~130 points jump)
        • June test projection E760 M790 = 1550 (~170 points jump)

Key Takeaways from Week Two

Despite the substantial shift from the paper version to the digital format, a fundamental principle remains unchanged: adopting an intelligent approach to studying will guide you toward the target score you aspire to achieve.

With unwavering trust in our professional expertise and wholehearted commitment to our program, I am confident that all MEK students can transform these projections into reality this Spring semester, just as our past students have consistently done.

Spring 2024 Registration

MEK Review is ready to help you navigate your academic and test prep goals, especially amidst all of the changes that the Digital SAT is bringing. Our materials and courses are developed not only with the understanding of the Digital SAT, but also with 26 years of experience and adapting to any and all changes that have been thrown our way. MEK stands as the best resource for you to journey to your goals.

Courses are still open for registration! 

Download our Spring 2024 Course Catalog here.

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