What’s New for 2021 BCA Prep!


What’s New for 2021 BCA Prep!

What’s New for 2021 BCA Prep

This fall we’re offering exciting new changes to our BCA Prep program as well as keeping what is tried and true to bring you the most effective and optimized program for your 8th grader! Read below to learn what to expect.

1. On-Site is Back!

To create the easiest and most constructive environment for your child to learn a difficult admissions test, MEK is offering on-site courses for the math section of BCA Prep. While English’s more seminar style and essay-focused classes will remain virtual for students’ convenience, we’re bringing students back to campus for math classes, Math Clinic, and math tests. This will allow students to learn in a distraction-free environment, drill more frequently and effectively, and get a much needed break from virtual-only learning. 

2. Material Binders

For many students keeping track of online materials can be an obstacle. They struggle to keep their materials organized, are forced to print from home, or don’t have a physical copy to take notes on. That’s why for the fall semester, all our students will receive a physical binder with their classroom and study materials already printed, organized, and ready to go! They will receive these binders during their first on-site class, and it will contain all their needed material for both English and Math BCA Prep.

3. Online Question Banks

To offer our students even more opportunities to practice, after week three of the fall semester, we’ll be offering online supplementary practice questions. Students who are progressing quickly in class can get the benefit of additional practice questions.  If they do well on the additional assignment, they will be rewarded with access to even more practice problems! If they struggle with an online assignment, they will re-do it, until they have fully mastered it and are ready to move on to the next level. This let’s students continue to challenge themselves and master the material at their own individual pace!

4. Canvas Learning Management System

This fall students and parents will also have access to MEK’s new Learning Management System: Canvas! This online learning software allows for active, easy communication between students and teachers. It also gives students the ability to track and take ownership of their own progress by monitoring their grades and mastery of core course goals. Plus, it creates total transparency for parents by allowing parents to access and monitor their child’s grades and progress!

5. More Points of Entry

For the first time, MEK is also allowing students to register for BCA Prep at multiple points of the 18 weeks course for the increased convenience of parents and students. After every three weeks, MEK evaluates current students’ progress and shuffles our students into BCA High Honors, BCA A, BCA B, and BCA C prep classes based on their individual progress. During these periods of evaluation and shuffle, new students will be allowed to join the course. Here are the points of entry:

  • After Week 3: October 1st
  • After Week 6: October 22nd
  • After Week 9: November 12th

BCA Prep Timeline
Note: After the beginning of Week 10, the beginning of Phase II, no new students will be allowed to join BCA Prep.

Interested in signing up? Contact us here today! You’ll pay an initial non-refundable deposit to save your spot, then your child will take a BCA evaluation test to determine which class they should be placed in, and then finalize their schedule for the next point of entry! Hurry, seats are limited.

What’s Back from Last Year

We’re excited about the above changes and the ways in which they’ll lead your child to academic success! However, you can also expect to see many of the traditional benefits of the program that have helped students for 20+ years:

  • Academic Consultation: Our expert academic counselors will individually guide parents and students through the often difficult and mystifying high school admissions process to create a plan that works for your child!
  • Application Guidance: We’ll help students navigate the application process for Bergen County Academies and Bergen County Technical High School.
  • Application Essay Coaching: Your child will receive expert application essay coaching to create a polished, memorable personal statement! 

Next Steps

Contact us here or call 855-346-1410 to register today. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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