MEK Learning Circles: Week 5 Feedback

MEK Learning Circles: Week 5 Feedback

Week 5 of the MEK Fall 2020 semester has passed, and to ensure the quality of learning for each student, we have conducted feedback surveys with the following goals in mind:

    1. To assess the effectiveness of the MEK programs
    2. To determine the challenges, or lack thereof, of the online platforms in use
    3. To evaluate the level of engagement in the virtual group class

Now, we will release our results to you, starting with the MEK Learning Circles!

MEK Learning Circles

About the MEK Learning Circles

The MEK Learning Circles are small group classes for students of grades 4 through 8. They are targeted towards mastering essential and more advanced classroom skills in an environment that combines active interaction and engagement of a group class with the immediate practice and instant feedback of a one-on-one session. The MEK Learning Circles (MLC) program is designed to have between 4 to 8 students in each class to maximize engagement without sacrificing individual care.

Read more about our Math and English Language Arts Circles here!

Week 5 Feedback

Students who started their MLC courses in September have had 5 weeks of class so far. Below are the results of the survey that we conducted.

Our results have a sampling of almost all of our MLC courses.

Question 1: What do you enjoy most about your MLC class?

Below are some of the comments that our students gave us:

  • “I find it helpful that we analyze a student’s essay and say praise-worthy things and things they need improvement on. It helps me to know where I need to write better.”
  • “I love how [my teacher] is always able to explain something if I can not understand it, and is so understanding if I do not get what we are learning.”
  • “[I enjoy] practicing reading the text throughly to answers the questions and making inferences.”
  • “I enjoy listening to what my teacher explains in class.”
  • “I enjoy meeting with [my teacher] and my fellow students most.”

In the age of distance learning, individual attention is something that many students miss. The MLC program is devoted to providing this individual attention to make sure each student understands the concepts that are being taught in class. We are thrilled that our students feel that this mission is successful!

Question 2: How easy has it been using the following virtual platforms?

Pie Charts Displaying Ease of Use for Virtual Platforms for MLC

In the MLC classroom, it is imperative that students know how to use the online platforms that we implement. In the classroom, we use the following platforms:

  • Zoom: for the live virtual classroom
  • Google Classroom: to keep track of all assignments and class updates
  • Kami: for annotating and showing work on classwork and homework assignments
  • Google Forms: for MLC Math courses, to submit classwork and homework assignments

Our students have reported that they generally have no difficulty with the online platforms! However, in the case that they do have difficulty, our teachers and staff are always available to provide assistance right away.

Question 3: How would you describe the engagement in your class?

Classroom engagement is an aspect that we, at MEK, are always concerned about. In order for the best results, students need to be engaged and interested in what they are learning. Fortunately, our students report that they are largely engaged!

Question 4: Please share feedback about your teacher.

Below are some of the comments that our students gave us:

  • “[My teacher] is extremely nice. She is patient with us students. She is also very responsive with questions on Google Classroom. She is doing an exceptional job.”
  • “He is good. He makes writing interesting. I enjoy learning from him.”
  • “[My teacher is] very nice and really describes the topic very well. He is very humorous and is very kind if we don’t understand a topic”
  • “He makes learning very fun and effective. I have a great time learning in class!”
  • ” I like my teacher and the way she explains things. When I ask a question, I get the answer to it throughly.”
  • “One of the best classes I’ve had at MEK.”

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