February 2021: 20 Weeks of Student Progress, in Numbers

February 2021: 20 Weeks of Student Progress, in Numbers

This week marked the 20th and last week of MEK Learning Circles courses that started in September. What a learning process it was, both for students and teachers! Our students have made amazing progress, and we would like to share it with everyone.

About the MEK Learning Circles

The MEK Learning Circles (MLC) are small group classes of 4-8 students in grades 4-8. All curricula is based on the New Jersey Common Core State Standards and the signature MEK quality of education. MLC was started in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic in efforts to ease students into virtual learning while continuing to give them the academic enrichment and reinforcement they need to achieve school success and beyond.

MLC is divided into the following classes and by grade level, and students are placed in the classes based on their student evaluation scores. Using their results, our expert teaching team and academic counselors design groups of 4-8 students to ensure that no student gets behind in the class.


Operations & Number Sense (ONS)
– Grade 4
– Grade 5
– Grade 6
– Pre-Algebra 1
– Pre-Algebra 2

Problem Solving Math (PSM)
– Grade 4
– Grade 5
– Grade 6
– Pre-Algebra 1
– Pre-Algebra 2
– Algebra 1
– Advanced Algebra 1


Critical Reading
Grades 4-8
Grades 4-8
Grades 5-6

20 Weeks in Review

Over the course of 20 weeks of the MEK Learning Circles, students have put in tremendous work to meet the objectives and make progress.

Starting at an average initial evaluation score of 53.6, students were already showing impressive score increases by Week 5, at our first cumulative test, when our students’ average scores jumped to 75.5. Cumulative Tests 1, 2, and 3 were primarily focused on the topics taught during the weeks since the previous cumulative test, as a culmination of students’ weekly assessments during those 5 weeks.

However, the Evaluation Test and Cumulative Test 4 test the same concepts, and the improvement is clear to see. By Week 20, our students achieved an average score of 80, approximately 50% higher than where they started!
Below is the work that our students put in to make the progress illustrated above!


MLC Math: Operations & Number Sense

MLC Math: Problem Solving Math

MLC English: Critical Reading

MLC English: Writing

NEW! MLC English: Vocabulary

The Vocabulary Circles were not offered in the Fall, but will be offered this Spring, starting in March! This class is perfect for students who are struggling in their current school English class and want to catch up. But it is also great for students who have already completed the Critical Reading or Writing Circles in the Summer or Fall, and would like to maintain their reading and writing skills during the Spring at a lower intensity.

A strong vocabulary is the first step to confident and efficient writing. Armed with more than 130 new vocabulary words from the MLC Vocabulary curriculum, students can move onto the Critical Reading or Writing Circles after this course.

Interested in MLC?

First, check out our Spring course offerings, which includes MLC! We are opening new classes for the Summer semester, and will be opening a CCSS Student Evaluation Test Event for students: the first step to joining our MLC courses.

Contact us to stay up-to-date on our course openings and promotions! That way, you will be the first to know when we roll out our Summer promotions.

I hope to see you soon!

Matt Olive

Matthew is an exceptional MLC leader and Math teacher. His love of math and ceaseless efforts to guide his students to top scores makes him a highly effective instructor for students of all ages. As Assistant Director of the MEK Learning Circles, he works to make sure that every student is well engaged and on the way to success.


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