2021 August SAT: The Results Are In!

August SAT results

2021 August SAT: The Results Are In!

2021 August SAT – The Results Are In!

MEK students have started to send in their official August SAT scores to MEK, and we couldn’t be more proud of the results! After working very hard over the summer and committing to MEK’s programs, their hard work has paid off.  Here’s a quick look at the numbers – so far.

  • 50 MEK students scored so high that they are in the top 10% (the 91st percentile or higher) score for test-takers in the nation!
  • Approximately 50% of SAT 1500 students reached their goal of scoring 1500 or higher on the SAT!
  • Approximately 60% of SAT 1500 students scored a 1450 or higher, placing them in the 96th percentile for SAT test-takers in the U.S.
  • MEK students on average scored within 10 points of their last practice exam on the official August SAT

These amazing results will only continue to grow as more students report their official scores, but already, it’s been an outstanding August SAT for our MEK students. Here’s a quick breakdown of how our students were able to achieve such impressive scores.

1. On-Site Testing

This summer, with our newly renovated state-of-the-art Closter testing center, we were able to safely bring back on-site testing. This was a marked difference from last year, when the pandemic forced our students to have to take all of their test virtually. On-site testing provides a much better testing experience for students. It’s distraction-free and away from any temptation of looking up answers online. But most importantly, it mirrors the official test-day environment with our professional proctors. This allows students to be more confident and comfortable come the official test day.

This is one of many reasons, students’ last practice score so closely predicted their official score. They knew exactly what to expect in an official testing experience.

2. Canvas Learning Management

Another important change to this summer was our use of Canvas Learning Management software. With this program, we could, more than ever before, focus on student’s aptitude toward testing and individual needs. We were able to assess their Learning Mastery of key aspects of test-taking and test strategy to help them reach their full potential. It also allowed students’ to fully own their progress and take control of their test prep.

3. The Right Materials, The Right Strategy

And of course, as always, we provide our students with top SAT-aligned materials in the form of full-length tests, mini-tests, drills, exercises, and homework. Our expert teachers also give students proven strategies for boosting their accuracy, building their mental endurance, and becoming a strong test-taker.

What This Means for Future Students

This fall we’ll continue our success with on-site testing, Canvas Learning Management, great materials, and expert instruction.  With MEK’s SAT test prep program, students can reach their full scoring potential with dedication and commitment.

We guarantee that if a student fully takes advantage of our program, they will see amazing results.  Furthermore, our program allows students to reach their goal score after a short, but concentrated, amount of time. Students dedicate themselves to an intensive period of preparation, achieve their goal, and check it off their college application to-do list. No hassles. No long, distracted test prep timeline. Just results.

If you’re interested in SAT Prep and want the same outstanding results as they students, contact us today. We can’t wait to hear from you!


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