75% of BCA Prep Students Invited to Interview

MEK’s BCA Prep Continues to Rise

In another successful year for MEK Review’s BCA Prep program, 86 out of 115 BCA Prep students — nearly 75% of of the class — received an exclusive invitation to interview with the prestigious magnet school, Bergen County Academies. 

Bergen County Academies (or BCA) is currently ranked by the 2019 U.S News and World Report as the 2nd best high school in NJ and 22nd best STEM school in the nation. As a result, the private high school receives approximately 1600 applications every year. The interview for prospective students marks the last stage of the admissions process before the final acceptance decision.

BCA typically only requests interviews from around 40% of applicants.

However, 75% of BCA Prep students were final-round candidates, and were invited to interview!

This is a huge milestone for these students. An invitation to interview with one of the most prestigious high schools in the country is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. They not only nurtured an ambitious goal, but with MEK Review’s guidance, were hardworking in their pursuit of it, too. 

Now, these students will benefit from their hard work for the rest of their academic career.


Picture of BCA Prep Students, Instructors, and MEK Founder Mr. Ahn


“So many of our students made it to this final stage because of their hard work and dedication throughout our BCA Prep program,” Tony Kim, the Director of Exam Prep at MEK Review, said, when asked about the success of this year’s BCA Prep class. “They were willing to follow exactly what we told them to do, and now their hard work is paying off. I am very proud.”

The Path to Applying for BCA

It is well known that Bergen County Academies is very selective with its applications. Out of the 1600 students who apply, only 15% are accepted. 

With this fact in mind, MEK Review engages students and parents regarding the pros and cons of attending BCA. Together, they explore important questions like: Is this a good fit for my student? Are they willing to commit to a rigorous study plan to increase their chances? Will they be overwhelmed by the courses at BCA, or will they be positively challenged by them?

However, MEK Review’s BCA Prep course itself is selective, requiring students meet necessary academic guidelines to be admitted. This ensures that eligible students can confidently excel in the competitive, high-achieving environment present at one of the nation’s top private high schools.

Such rigorous discipline, positive habits, and strong academic foundation can be developed through a unique, preceding course sequence, which includes Pre-BCA Prep and Summer Exam Prep 8 courses.

Read more on MEK’s special preparation for the BCA admissions process here.

Next Steps

MEK Review’s BCA Prep students are eagerly awaiting news in early April. This is when BCA will send out acceptance letters for the lucky students joining the BCA Class of 2024.

In Fall of 2019, 1 in 6 new, incoming freshmen for Bergen County Academies were alumni from MEK Review’s unique BCA Prep program.

Such success illustrates the importance of determination, hard work, and smart strategy when it comes to achieving goals.

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For Parents Interested in BCA or Private School Admissions

On Saturday, April 18, 2020, MEK Review is holding a FREE Parent Seminar to explore the BCA and Private School Admissions process! 

There is also an option for students to join and take a (free!) BCA admissions simulation test, to assess their baseline performance and potential.

Parents who are interested can click here to register or learn more about the event.

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